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Updated on October 16, 2009

pollsters, please....

There are a whole lot of percentages being bandied around by the so called experts on who is for or against the health care reforms that Congress is considering at the moment; and like balls on a basketball court, they are being shot haphazardly, and none seems to hit the nail on the head, so to speak.

Yet, in a basketball game, there is the loop to put the ball in to score; whereas in most of these polls, either from the news media sources or private organizations, the figures are so random, there is no way to know what people are objecting to. What is good for the gander is not what is good for geese types of surveys are what the media outlets are putting out.

In other words, some specificity must be expressed as to which plan or plans will allow people to see the doctors they prefer to see, or if they can retain the insurance plans they have when they move from one place to another, or whether the plans they have are adequate for themselves and their families. If people lose sight of what they really want in a plan, the obvious thing that will happen will be that they will only be able to make vital decisions on what they read in the newspapers or see on TV or even on hearsay.

These polls have to be able to pin-point some of the parts in many of these plans; and there are so many of them now; that are agreeable or disagreeable, judging from the questions that they the pollsters present to current insurance policy holders or potential ones, instead of making bland statements, such as "A Fox News poll released Thursday finds that by 54 percent to 35 percent, Americans oppose the reforms." or "more Americans disapprove, 50 percent, than approve, 42 percent, of the job President Obama is doing on health care.", when they are putting out information that must be designed to educate rather to confuse the general public.

The health care industry has become a gargantuan baggage, saddled with all kinds of problems; of waste, of over payment or charges, of corruption, of embezzlement, etc. etc.; people are insured or not insured for reasons only known to the health care insurance companies; and everybody knows that a reform of it is long overdue.

People are looking to approve of what will be good for them, and not just what they disapprove of, only to aim at embarrassing a new administration or making an opposing political point. That will not help lawmakers in their deliberations to produce a "clean bill of rights" for the insurance companies and the people they insure, alike. A spill over or a slack of any kind that they (insurance companies) cannot handle can be taken up by the government; hence, the Public Option proposition, to figure out what health care insurance coverage will be universal.

If ever there must be an equitable health insurance plan, it must be one that will be big enough to cover all Americans. Pollsters have to put out figures that will inform as well as educate.


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