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Updated on June 25, 2012

Shouldn't it be a fair one?

Peace is what is lacking in the country lately. The economy being sour, with unemployment being high; and some people are topping it off by saying that,

"No matter how the Supreme Court rules on the health care law, it will only be a matter of minutes after that ruling before attention shifts back to the Capitol and to what happens next there." and that will be a very sad affair.

The United States Supreme Court is supposed to settle cases, and not to make them worse; and that it is the responsibility of the nine justices to uphold the nation's Constitution and to be fair in all their doings.

Yet, the speculation that the present court's make up is five conservatives against four liberals, and that it will rule against President Barack Obama's Affordable Health Act, which is designed to reverse a bad situation that existed in the Health Care industry. That makes it hard to believe that the opposite will happen.

To many people, it is a fair and reasonable law; and if so, why must it be altered in any way, shape or form by the Supreme Court?. As fairness is what its focus must be on, the court has to put political persuasion of any kind aside and allow the law to stand "as is".

It (law) is already a correction of a system that has been broken for years; with commercial insurance companies taking advantage of poor patients and raising premiums for profits that will go into the pockets of private investors.

Millions of Americans are not able to have any insurance coverage due to pre-existing condition ailments and other congenital diseases, and doctors cannot deal directly with their patients and effectively cure them, unless the insurance companies will permit them.

The health care system has been going for so long without much oversight, and an overhaul is what is required to make it sane and practical again. It has been in the hands of health providers that are corrupt, and executives that will have an $1800 dollar lunch each, at the expense of the sick and the poor.

Is that what the court will ask the country to go back to? Many people are doubting whether the court will rule against the mandate that the people that are opposed to the Act are claiming to be unconstitutional. However, if the public refuses to buy insurance, how are the health care industry services going to be paid for?

It will be like buying a new car without a steering wheel; and how will one drive it home?Therefore, the mandate is pivotal in getting health care to be solvent; and if premiums are affordable more people will have coverage and that will generate more revenue for the industry.

That is exactly what Obama and the Democrats have done for the poor people and their families in this country; and is the Supreme Court going to overturn it?

That must not happen in a million years; as such a decision will increase the nation's problems and make things worse for all concerned. The court must realize that those, who are opposing the Affordable Health Act are the wealthy and the profit making insurance companies, whose power and influence over the Health care system have been broken, so that all Americans will be able to have health insurance coverage, no matter what their status in society.


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    • profile image

      owurakwasip 5 years ago

      What majority? The polls are flawed. Pollsters are politicians first, and they are fraudulent as well. They can manipulate the numbers that they present to the public; so, how can you trust them? Not even a twelve year old will do that.

    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 5 years ago from America

      The MAJORITY do not want this law! What part of that do you not understand? The majority should still dictate law in this country...........we are not RUSSIA just yet!