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Updated on March 28, 2012

They must protect the law.

If the justices of the United States Supreme Court are going to indulge in politics, then there is no hope for millions of Americans that have no health insurance and are forced to crowd Emergency Rooms in hospitals each and every day across the country.

From all reports the court is picturesquely split on political and ideological lines; that four of its nine members are conservatively inclined, and another four tend to vote on the liberal side.

Yet, the swing justice, by all implications, must be Chief Justice John Roberts, a Bush appointee, and that makes him a full fledged conservative, and therefore he cannot have any wiggle room to be impartial on that score.

Everyone seems to know that Justice Kennedy is the one that mostly plays the part of a middle man, but in the decision on the Affordable Health Care Act, his role is not all that clear.

Moreover, the justices are not being prejudged by the public that they are prejudiced against the health care law; yet, all indications point to that fact.

President Barack Obama has penned his signature on it, and he has made it one of his major accomplishments; he has every right to do so, because he has been able to pull the health care industry out, that rested in a quagmire of theft, corruption and graft for its existence.

Therefore, it becomes the duty of the court to ensure that the insurance companies are not given the power as before, to deny coverage to millions of people, who are now, or about to be covered.

More than 50 million citizens are waiting to gain access to coverage under the new health care law; and those that have work related insurance will have the option of getting full coverage through it; and that adds more people to be protected from the previous despicable insurance plans, in which any type of change happens to be impossible.

In other words, setting political affiliations aside, the justices have to prioritize that it must not put the private insurance companies back in control. If they (justices) will forget the consideration that the insurance companies are behind the campaign to repeal the health care law, then they will have overlooked the core kernel of the health care debate.

In a nutshell, the insurance companies want to be reinstated; but the only thing that can stop that is a law that puts the decision making process in the hands of patients and their doctors, instead of private companies.

That is exactly what the Obama administration has initiated; and if that is not what forms the basis of the arguments that the justices are likely to hear and then base their decisions on, then they will allow political influence to gain the upper hand and interfere with their work.

Millions of lives are at stake on an issue such as this one, and they are hoping fervently that the Supreme Court will come to their aid, rather than siding with profit making companies.

The justices can make "Obamacare" to stand on its own to protect the people. That is what America wants and nothing else.

Conservatism is just for one section of American society; there must be other sections of the population with other beliefs that need to be safeguarded and protected, for America to be considered as being truly one nation......


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