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Updated on September 10, 2014

True and unconditional.

If I said "The heart",
it wouldn't be poetic;
unless I said, "My heart"
and personalized its

Then I could represent
hoards of people going
through the same or similar
situations; with fantastic
and realistic dreams.

My (human) mind has been
there to alert the senses,
but the first part of me to be
euphoric would be my heart, to
be susceptible to great feelings.

Like all other organs, it was
keeping me alive; but real
happiness to overflowing
would come only from a
vibrant, gratifying heart.

Such as true love; as having
someone to really love, and getting
loved in return. The exuberance
I got out of that kind of relationship
would always be second to none.

It would be my heart receiving
the sentiment that would impact
my whole being of the effects of
unconditional love, the source
of which could only be heavenly.



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