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HELP!! My Child is Disabled

Updated on May 30, 2012

Help for parents with a disabled child

Every parent's dream is getting a bouncing baby boy or girl with chubby rosy cheeks and a killer smile. That's the dream, sometimes the reality is not the same. So what do you do when you find out that your child is disabled?
Disability takes on many forms. It can be in the form of missing limbs, blindness, deafness, and mental handicaps. Each disabled person is unique from any other person even with the same disability. Just as we are all have our own different quirks that make us who we are. One child's disability has to be treated individually.

Physical disability is outrightly apparent and can be identified from birth. However, other handicaps are subtle and may take a while to be identified. So what do you do in that moment when a doctor teacher or social worker tells you that your child is disabled? What you must remember is that there is no right or wrong way to feel or react> Such news can be devastating so nobody should expect you to be calm and level headed, in fact if you are, you are a very strong person, or worse you may be in denial.

Though many people scoff at the idea, counseling will help you get over the shock and pain that such news brings. You see finding out your child is disabled is akin to losing something. You go through denial, anger, you negotiate with the hope that you can solve it, you become depressed all before you can finally accept the truth. Joining a group with parents going through the same thing also helps, it reminds you that you are not alone and it will give you tips on how other parents manged to get through their situations and give you tips on how to cope with the new changes that this news will bring to your life.

Remember at the end of the day that this person is your flesh and blood, and they are just as special as they ever were. They are a gift to you in whatever form, and they will end up teaching you more about life and yourself that you would have ever learned.

I would wish to delve more deeply into the identification and management of disability in my subsequent hubs. However, if you feel the need for advice or help, or if you have any questions you can contact me by email by

Happy times.


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