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Updated on November 29, 2011

Are they being just friends?

Herman Cain has been a political friend, if not a personal one, to many people lately. He was getting mainstream media attention, just as much as his rivals in the Republican Party nomination race for president.

That, at least, went to show that the media was not biased against anybody in that race, or that they were leaning toward one person as their choice.

From the start, Romney was the front runner in the polls, and then came Cain to run neck and neck with him. Recently, it has been Gingrich, whom most have written him off, due to the desertions of people running his campaign.

However, he has held on, and now, he was being considered by the same polls as the alternative to Romney, and perhaps, the new front runner in the race.

Cain, on the other hand, has had his fray from loads of women accusing him of sexual harassment, when he was the CEO of the National Restaurant Association; and just lately, an Atlanta woman was in the news that she has had a 14 year affair with him.

Hopefully, that was not involving a case of sexual harassment, for it would not have lasted that long. Yet, it should be deemed as a stain in his character; but as a public figure, as he now was, by virtue of his position in the Republican nomination race, he has the responsibility to respond to those accusations and claims.

That would take a dint; and some said it has already taken a dint, out of his efforts to classify himself as a genuine Conservative candidate (with a capital C) that people speculated him to be.

He was now fighting off the accusations with total denials, and in some cases, with complete amnesia.

Personally, the trust that people had for him has plummeted to a very low point, and that has affected his position in the polls, as being usually conducted alongside the Republican race.

It would also slow down the enthusiasm of his backers or would be backers, and that would minimize the flow of political contributions he so much needed for his journey to the White House, as he himself put it, if his predicament has not already made it so.

The mainstream media have been very friendly, or so he thought, on the circuits to their studios for interviews and answering sessions; however, they were looking out for their own best interests and not that of Cain. For that was how they made their millions of dollars each year, addressing issues like the scandal that he was in, and gaining from them.

Nobody was telling Cain what to do, as he would not have time for his campaign, now that the media has got hold of him, and it was time that he decided, once and for all, to step out of the nomination race, let alone the one for the president of the United States of America.

He was not being an embarrassment to his party, but that would be the best action to take, for any gentleman at the present time.


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