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Updated on November 3, 2011

Should there be a way out?

Herman Cain and his troubles will increase, if he insists on evading reporter's questions. He has allowed his problem to go in the wrong direction, and the media is taking advantage of it.

They are asking provocative questions to cause him to lose his temper; yet, they are relevant and pertinent. However, they are also designed to ruin his campaign, his family and himself, if he fails to answer them correctly and truthfully.

By what the women complainants have said, that he had exhibited sexual indecency toward them in the work place, his character was in question. He must do all he could to clear his good name, if his ambition to win the Republican Party nomination, leading to being the party's candidate for the 2012 presidential election, should remain so.

He must focus on making sure that he concentrated on responding to the sexual harassment charges that have been leveled against him, in a very satisfactory manner; but he should take it in a different direction, which would be far more better.

The charges were very serious, in that even long after the campaign, they could come back and haunt him.

The media has got him by the tail, and would never let him go, for two reasons; that he had portrayed himself on the campaign trail as outspoken and forthright as well as a man of integrity. He could not duck those impressions, since they have brought him charm and charisma.

That was why his campaign has been going so well for him to be a co-front runner with Mitt Romney in the Republican Party's nomination race. He would lose all that, if he did not come clean of those charges. To refrain from facing them head-on too would be a big mistake; but that was not his job.

Many Americans would not want to advise him, but he has a bunch of ignoramuses surrounding him now. For what he needed was two different news conference sessions; one, engaging the media all by himself and refuting the charges, and one with his lawyers, who would be answering the questions on his behalf. They (news conference session) should take place on two different occasions.

He would then be able to put the matter behind him for now; and then he would continue participating in the debates until the campaign was over. Whenever the controversy came up during the campaign, he would say that his lawyers were legally handling it.

That would take the pressure off him that was being applied by the media to get him to make more incriminating statements.

At the moment, if he was not careful, a law suit could come his way to interrupt his campaign. Due to the seriousness of the case, the only thing he could do to have some peace of mind was to have his lawyers taking over and answering all the questions appertaining to the sexual harassment charges

His advisers should have told him that a long time ago. African Americans, despite what he had said about them, did not want anything bad happening to him; hence, this piece of advise contained in today's blog.


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