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Updated on October 29, 2011

How long?

Businessman Herman Cain, the Republican Party presidential candidate, is riding high in the polls; but his time on the campaign trail happens to be short; although he may not, or pretends not know it.

He has already brought so much confusion to the Republican National Committee, as to whether its members should consider him to be the standard bearer of his party to face President Barack Obama in the next presidential election. However, since his diabolical advert of his campaign manager puffing on a cigarette became viral, things were not all that rosy for him.

Before that, he had met with kingmaker Donald Trump in New York City, and the reception there was not as grand as the one "the Donald" had for former Gov. Sarah Palin, who was not even running in the nomination race.

The advert has infuriated his Christian friends and he was losing their support. A man of Christian upbringing and Conservative ideals should not have such an advert, under any circumstance. His climb has been meteoric, but how long would that continue?

As Ben Smith of Politico had said, "....Mr. Cain is not a “serious” candidate; the polls say that he’s leading the Republican field. Conflict! Particularly if Mr. Cain wins, Aaron Sorkin could make a good movie about it." and again, " Cain’s lack of traditional experience or credentials, would put his chances at more like 10 or 15 percent." (10/29/11).

Cain's experience was not comparable to a person who could be president. Heading a raw enterprise, as his pancake business was, did not match that of President Obama, who has to read official reports from around the world each and every morning.

He, Cain, might have done a few things in the civil rights era, but he was not known for anything special. Very few people knew him the African American (he would prefer the word "black") community.

He might have employed some of them in his flour and tomato businesses; but he was not the job creating giant that he professed to be.

What has endeared him to the common folk in the Republican Party was his style of talking and the "Southern" gesturing; but not the intelligentsia. His straight talk and bluntness did not impress them one little bit. Who would want a president so blunt and so monotonous?

The Republican Party would want a different person all together, like Mitt Romney, whom the party was banking on, to face President Obama in the 2012 general election.

Mr. Cain should rest assured.


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