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Updated on November 2, 2011

It is self-inflicted.

Businessman Herman Cain knows he is in a fight of a lifetime, and he must do all in his power to get out of it; but how?

He has been accused of sexual harassment by, so far, two women that worked with him at the National Restaurant Association, when he was the CEO there.

However, the way he has chosen to fight the accusations was downright ridiculous. He was fighting it through the media, and every statement he has made to reporters has been turned in and out, and upside down to know what actually took place.

Whether he was being honest in his responses to questions by the same media, whose main job was to gather information, true or false, was what they (media) were searching for. The media has turned around and frisked him so hard, he looked like a battered boxer.

The accusations came to light only a few days ago, and when he was questioned about them he denied them as being falsehoods. Later on, he admitted that there have been "agreement" or "settlement" in relation to sexual indecencies perpetrated by him on some women, and they were treated as trivial matters within the company, or as internal affairs.

In other words, some kind of hush-hush method was applied to those matters, even though debaucheries have taken place on his part. He was the CEO of the company at the time, but the cops should have been called in. Luckily they were not, and he thought that he had gotten away with it, until now.

He was supposed to be running for president, but if some truth were found in the allegations, he would be dead meat. He would, however, have no one to blame but himself.

One of his accusers has heard all the denials by Mr. Cain, and so she has volunteered to come out with the whole story.

She maintains that Mr. Cain, who is up in the polls, in the running of the Republican Party nomination race, is telling lies. What?

Yet, he is still going around, thinking that he is using the media, when in fact it is the media that have cornered him. They are asking him to tell it like it is; otherwise his ambition for the President of the United States is over.

Right now, they (accusations) are pending, and they have not been proved. When it becomes abundantly clear that he has lied, the media will be all over him, he will regret to have become a politician.

They (media) and politicians have never been allies, as Cain has been thinking that they were.

They are going to want him to get out of the Republican nomination race; he has become a menace to American politics, which must be clean and sacrosanct.

They will insist that he is a liar, and as such, he cannot be president. Therefore, Cain must decide to run himself out, since that will be in the best interest of all concerned.

What the media did professionally was to fish for the truth; didn't Mr. Cain know that? That telling the truth and lying were like oil and water; and that they never could mix? He was not aware of the fact that he could not be even a rat catcher, if he was a lying ignoramus?

Mr. Cain has discredited himself, and he must act accordingly, and must do it right now. QUIT!


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