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Hey Women Marchers, Is That It?

Updated on January 23, 2017

Gettin down and dirty

Millions of women tromped across the land Saturday showing the world just how crass, crude and ugly women can be. They waved vulgar posters, gave obscene hand gestures and spewed trash words in an ugly demonstration. Like babies that didn’t get what they wanted for Christmas, they whined and caterwauled and swore.

Do not doubt the motive behind this pathetic display. The liberals lost. Hillary is a loser. Liberals across the world are losing, and they can’t believe it.

Thousands of pink knitted hats were handed out and worn by these bitter women. Hats with an embarrassing connotation that is pure gutter speak. Several women wore peculiar hats that when questioned said, “Our vaginas.” They want rights for their vaginas it seems.

Empowered and emboldened by each other they articulated a myriad of complaints from abortion to women’s rights and immigrant rights. Being coarse and disgusting is natural to Hollywood, but it’s disheartening to see the influence they have on misguided young women who don’t have the brains to examine the actual meaning behind the demonstration. Their thought processes don’t go farther than wanting to be a part of a woman thing. Many little daughters were there. Their little minds under their pink hats were twisting like soggy pretzels as they absorbed mommy’s vulgarity.

Women have rights beyond any country in the world. Women are equal to men. Abortion is legal and has been for decades. America welcomes immigrants and provides them with education, healthcare, and food stamps even if they enter the country illegally. Women are free to be anything they so choose.

A lot of old leftovers joined the march; Cher, Whoopie, Yoko, and Madonna who discussed blowing up the White House while others made references to Hitler and concentration camps. There were left wing politicians in attendance trying to make points for themselves and even large cardboard cutouts of the loser Hillary and Obama, the biggest loser of all.

We get it. You don’t like Trump. You think his words are disgusting. Seriously? Have you looked at yourselves? Are you aware that 43 million women voted for him? Those voters may not like some of the words he uses, but they voted for him. He won, you lost. No matter how much you identify with the loser, she isn’t coming back.

Is there a bit of envy on display? The Trump women are beautiful, elegant, successful, educated and well spoken. They are winners, not losers. The Trump sons are handsome, educated, successful, well-spoken and nicely groomed. There is not one single Trump that would march down the street giving people the finger and using foul language. If they marched, they would carry American flags, as would the people who voted for President Trump. The entire Trump family is willing to set aside their comfortable lives to take on the challenges of a country weakened by a feckless, weak, impotent president.

There is a generation of women still living who grew up when women did not get equal pay, and when there was no maternity leave, no child medical programs, no child care assistance and no abortion rights. Even as single and widowed mothers they somehow managed to raise their children and start businesses and lead successful lives. They did not feel entitled to anything. They are strong ladies with good manners and a sense of decorum.

A little old fashioned 50’s manners wouldn’t hurt you women marchers.

You have harmed your cause



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    • mslizzee profile image

      elizabeth 13 months ago from Buncombe County, NC

      No Greenmind, I think women should wear pussy hats, drape cardboard vaginas around their heads, give the finger to the camera, rant and rave about being "nasty women", carry obscene signs, bemoan the fact they have to pay tax on their tampons, advocate for Sharia Law, discuss publicly their menstrual blood and contemplate what joy they'd experience in blowing up the white house. Now that's being a strong effective woman.

      Which of all these forceful things did you do?

    • greenmind profile image

      GreenMind 13 months ago from USA

      So your thesis is that women have everything that men have, and should sit down and be quiet. Good luck with that.

      Also -- Google Alice Paul.

    • mslizzee profile image

      elizabeth 14 months ago from Buncombe County, NC


      One leading organizer of the DC women's march was Linda Sarsour. She is the Director of Arab American Assoc of NY. Some of her close associates and relatives are in jail because of their affiliation with HAMAS and their attempt to recruit jihadists. Linda speaks publicly at events held by terrorist affiliated CAIR and speaks against the Jewish state and supports Sharia law and Islamic supremacists. She speaks out in support of incarcerated terrorists and frequently bemoans the awful state of America's race relations. In short, she hates this country and is doing all she can to disrupt and promote causes such as Black Lives Matter, a group established by three self-proclaimed Marxists. Her public support of Black Lives Matter is appalling to those in the Arab American community who know her and are aware of her absolute hatred for blacks. In 2014 Sarsour claimed to be a victim of a horrible hate crime, which turned out to be a hoax and more of Sarsour's political grandstanding. Read about your women's march founder here:

    • mslizzee profile image

      elizabeth 14 months ago from Buncombe County, NC

      Who said anything about denying rights? Groups of women wearing pussy hats and vagina hats flipping the finger, swearing, using the word f--k, and talking about burning down the White House is an embarrassment to a class of people that you don't understand. Isn't that one of your complaints about Trump? His vulgar language?

    • profile image

      Sanxuary 14 months ago

      I have to wonder after reading this what is your understanding of Democracy? If your so happy with no rights maybe you should move to Saudi Araibia or some where. I guess they would tell you women can not write. The end of your article reminds me that after the inauguration I needed to set my clock back 300 years.

    • The Dirt Farmer profile image

      Jill Spencer 14 months ago from United States

      Marching in the Women's March was a great experience for me and the busloads of women and men I traveled with from MD to DC. It was peaceful, inspiring and "what democracy looks like." My decision to march had nothing to do with the fact that I am a "loser" and everything to do with my desire to support the America I love (which is not "carnage," btw) by banding together with others to express our dedication to defending the environment, healthcare, and the rights and freedoms of all Americans, regardless of their race, creed, sexual identity-- or if they voted against their own best interests in the last election. If you're offended by the language spoken and on display at the march, then you must not have been listening to the current POTUS or reading his tweets, as that offensive language was an ironic reflection of his own words.

    • maven101 profile image

      maven101 14 months ago from Northern Arizona

      WOW...Double WOW !!!....Very impressive and concisely articulated encapsulation of a protest march by women that was utterly pointless, rude, and visually disgusting... My daughters were among those 43 million women that voted for President Trump... The "Forgotten Man (and Woman)" are no longer forgotten...To take a phrase from the Women's March, Watch Us Roar..!