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HIV + AIDS Conspiracy Theory

Updated on June 13, 2013

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The HIV infection and the later development of AIDS condition is a highly complex issue and thus has raised many important questions from the public over the three decades it has been known. Many issues are so controversial very few are willing to even discuss them or consider the possibilities and their implications.

One of the major conspiracy theories revolving around HIV and AIDS is that it was created by some governmental organization for nefarious purposes. Although there is no direct evidence available to determine this true or false, ancedotal references are often used to establish a pattern from which the theory is derived.

There are different perspectives between theoriests, but many of them share common bonds. For example, different racial groups tend to view HIV and AIDS in different contexts.

Groups harder hit by the disease are more prone to discuss the issue and question its origins or purpose. Many people believe the main target was the African continent, because it has suffered significantly due to the AIDS epidemic.

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Also, due to the extremely complex nauture of HIV and AIDS and its extremely high mutation rates, many people have been led to believe that it could very possibly be of military grade manufacture. This would mean it would have been developed in a military laboratory in a secret base somewhere. This weaves a very morbid possibility of global attempts to kill people subtly with diseases.

If this theory has any truth to it, it would not be the first time in history that diseases have been used secretly on populations to kill them off. In most cases, it was purely accidental, when warring groups spread diseases between each other. However, in many instances it was an intentional weapon of war.

During the Classical and especially the Medieval periods spreading disease was a favorite tactic for besieging a fortress. By hurling dead bodies of men, cattle, horses, feces, and other infected materials over the walls of the cities, they could slowly sow disease into the interior of a fortress.

Even during the French and Indian War, one particular British commander admitted spreading diseased blankets out to natives, in order to prevent them from taking the French side.

There are many skeptics who quickly point out that much of this is speculation and theory without many facts to support them. But most theorists will counter with the "because it's covered up and lied about" reply.

Due to the fact not all of the data is available, people end up making estimates based on generalities and patterns. Therefore the subject of HIV and AIDS has remained a very intense controversy with emotions flaring on both sides.

Key points of the conspiracy:

  • HIV AIDS was created by the government
  • Its purpose is to kill off certain groups
  • Its high mutation rate and complexity are used to argue Laboratory creation theories
  • AIDS charities are fronts and prevent cures for the disease

Opposing arguments to the conspiracy:

  • HIV AIDS is a natural virus from wild monkies in west Africa
  • It has no purpose other than nature's purpose
  • Its high mutation rate and complexity are rare examples of evolution
  • AIDS charities do everything they can to help AIDS victims and to help fund research for cures

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