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Updated on June 20, 2012

However, should it be that way?

Almost everybody was able to speculate that the meeting between AG Eric Holder and Rep. Darrell Issa (R-C) would be futile, because the stalemate would still be on the documentation that Issa was requesting.

Issa, chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, has peppered Eric Holder for months for the rest of the paperwork that he needed to complete his investigation into the Fast and Furious controversy; however, Holder has maintained that he had submitted enough documentation.

The argument was fast becoming one that smelled of a witch hunt on the part of the Republicans to get rid of Holder, an appointee of President Barack Obama, as a vote on contempt of Congress was being slapped on Holder, after his meeting with Issa yesterday came to nought.

The F&F sting has started during the Bush era, of shipment of weapons as an entrapment of the drug cartel leadership in Mexico. There was no simpler way to attract drug gangs with guns and bullets than making them available to the cartels.

As for money, they had a lot of it; but what they wanted first and foremost was "fire power" to maintain their stronghold on the drug industry in that country. So, the project was not just "supplying" arms to cartel leaders, it was a tool for law enforcement to be effective in dealing with the drug shipment to the United States.

Holder had taken over the DOJ, but F&F was in existence and under the control of a special branch of the department; so his (Holder's) role was one of oversight. However, there was no way that he could change the dynamic that was in operation and working pretty well. It was not that he had initially started a gun trafficking scheme himself and therefore he was trying to hide something.

Yet, the responsibility of the control of the department fell on him; and that he should have thoroughly known the procedure that allowed guns to go over the border.

Issa also has the same level of responsibility to investigate the process, especially when a border patrol officer had been killed with one of the guns from the U.S. His insistence was on the submission of all the documentation surrounding the issue, while Holder had the privilege to protect any classified information of his department.

So, both men were in the same difficult situation, and a way must be found defuse the tension that has been created. However, with the charge of contempt of the U.S. Congress, Holder was under a serious threat to lose his job, if the case went for a vote in the U.S. House of Representatives, where the Republicans had a clear majority.

It was beginning to look like president Bush's AG losing his post. "Democrats were particularly opposed to (Alberto) Gonzales for his role in the firing of several US District Attorneys which they believe had politicized his office," ( He was eventually pushed out.

The rational would be that the Republicans were trying to get their own back by using F&F to remove Holder, and 2012 being an election year, they would proceed with their objective, as there would not a better time than now for them to do so.

It would devastate the Obama campaign and swing momentum to Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate for president; and for that, it would be the same charge of politicizing an issue and achieving a "tit-for-tat" as a result.

Many people doubted that was what Issa was aiming to do; but all the signs were there to indicate that, if Holder became a victim to the F&F investigation, Obama's chances for reelection would also be bleak.

You be the judge.


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    • rex michaels profile image

      rex michaels 5 years ago

      Well done you presented both sides well. Everyone has decisons to make from this point on.