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Updated on November 24, 2011

What a beautiful day.

We, meaning the United States, have been lucky to have gone through a whole year without any major mishap. We must all be thankful for that.

Looking at all the perils around the world, the U.S. has come out with very little or no problems at all.

Japan had suffered terribly from the earthquake and subsequent Tsunami earlier this year; the aftershocks that tend to ring the heart to make it bleed some more.

The financial troubles in Europe, that have had bad effects all over the world; with Greece and Italy succombing to drastic fiscal reforms to survive.

The over flooding in some parts of the world that has devastated the economies of those countries. Agricultural lands and forests have been laid desolate; and farms have been destroyed and food is hard to come by.

We even learn of natural disasters in places that cannot previously be associated with them; like Australia and New Zealand.

Comparatively, Americans have every reason to show gratitude for coming out of another year unscathed.

Except for the disappointment the "Super Committee" in Washington D.C. gave US (United States) only yesterday; otherwise, we are alright, and so we must be very grateful.

The weather in New York City, where I live, is somber and cool; with very little or no sunshine. The Cumulus clouds are building up, but they are far out into the sea; making the atmosphere to be beautiful and wholesome. It is so enjoyable.

One can even grant amnesty to undocumented aliens, who have been here for many years. They and their families deserve our sympathy, as America is a family loving country, and therefore will not break up families. (That will win our friend "Newt" some votes, eventually).

Also, as we eat our thanksgiving dinner, let us remember our men and women in uniform, who are fighting to defend the freedom that the people on mainland America have now.

What the whole world needs is peace; and that is why they are out there fighting to secure that greatly sought after peace by all nations.

We must all look forward to the day, when we can send happy holiday greetings to friend and foe alike, all around the globe.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all and sundry, anyway.


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