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Ascension of the Planet Earth - Holy Order

Updated on September 2, 2014

Given by Higher Beings in 1994

"Book of Secrets subtitle One & All"
"Book of Secrets subtitle One & All" | Source


From CHANNELLED MANUSCRIPT "Book of Secrets subtitle One & All"

This is a section from the chapter called "Ascension of the Planet Earth".

"To become a Holy place there must be a God prescence. When a place becomes holy it is because of the interconnecting energies from the universal system.

There will be holy places all around your globe. These places will herald in the new order.

Gatherings of thousands of people will occur, not because they were told to gather but because their hearts and souls were aligned to do so.

As each gathering takes place so there will be communications with/on high.

We cannot gather with you within your churches, we cannot gather with you when so many rules block our pathway to you.

When you are free so will we be with you. We are with you now. When you listen to us your hearts are open and you are becoming free. Do not listen to those who wish you to be held in bondage. There are no chains for us to bind you with. We will be with you when you are free.

This freedom is what you wish for.

As your souls become free so you become those huge free spirits who can roam through the different dimensions. Our home is an immense expanse of universal energy with no space and time continuum. We do not experience these limitations. We have only freedom.

As these shackles are removed then you will be able to free yourselves. These shackles are all man-made. They have nothing to do with the spiritual quarters of the universe. In order to tie himself more and more to the physical and material world, man contrived these shackles. It is now the time to remove them.

It is now a time of freedom.

Removing the Shackles...

When freedom is obtained the shackles become but a memory, do you remember when you had never worn shoes and then someone came along and placed them upon your feet. This would have been a time when shackles were being placed upon you. This would be a part of keeping you from feeling the contact from the Earths energy rays, stopping you being aligned to the Earth's surface. Your feet would not only feel the material of the shoes and yet all the energy points from your own earthly body are positioned in the soles of your feet. If you walk barefooted then you are again connected to your lifes blood.

This is a time to become the barefooted ones again. We speak now in metaphor.

It is not appropriate now for you to all walk physically barefoot along your pathway as you have adulterated these paths but we speak to you in layman's language in order for you to understand the concept of walking without shackles.

If you are aligned to a church then you do not walk without shackles.

If you are to connect with us then you must be upon the pathway which is in front of you not in front of a mass congregation. For within the pathway of the congregation there must be many compromises. There will be many different types of soul within the congregation. Some will be able to make decisions for themselves others will require to be led. How can you all line up together. You will only ever line up in compromise of your own souls. Do not group together in this way, it will be the end of your soul journey and the beginning of the group demise.

There will be many who will surrender to these causes. For they are only causes, they cause their own existence through the fear of being alone. If you begin to see that within the word 'alone' are the words 'all one' it is only a missing 'L' for love that turns all one into being alone. If you are flowing within the flow of love then you do not feel alone but you will feel as if we are all one.

Begin to practice at being all one and not at being alone. It is only one step away and that step requires you to be in the flow of love. It is only your choice there is none that can choose for you. We come in love.


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    • profile image

      Dani Koreck B.Msc., RMT, IET 6 years ago

      Too many people are taking the "Holy" aspect out of everything when it comes to energy/spirit..Thanks for putting it back in, as well as the rest of channeled info..So far, same concepts I teach. Thank you for sharing this message at no charge. Many Blessings

    • anjalichugh profile image

      anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York

      "As your souls become free so you become those huge free spirits who can roam through the different dimensions. Our home is an immense expanse of universal energy with no space and time continuum. We do not experience these limitations. We have only freedom."

      To be free must be such a great feeling. I can only pray that we break free from our bondage some day and roam around like happy spirits. Thx for your wonderful hubs.

    • msorensson profile image

      msorensson 7 years ago

      Thank you, Linda :-) for the lovely message.

    • Universal Laws profile image

      Universal Laws 7 years ago from UNIVERSE

      Thank you for your kind words, good to see you in action on here.



    • profile image

      mc6040 7 years ago

      Thank you so much, Linda for the channelled work involved in your book, & giving away copies of it, not only to raise awareness, but to raise the energies of the planet to meet our destiny half-way, I pray you win the publishing contest.Love & Light to you, mc6040