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Updated on August 29, 2011

How it has been handled.

Hurricane Irene has come and almost gone, but it has left personal and property damages behind. The clean-up would take several days, if not weeks; and state, local and city authorities should delve into new budgets to deal with its related problems.

FEMA will be fighting to work within it means, as the cost of recovery alone will be a very hefty one. The price tag of recovery of natural causes cannot be estimated, until such time that all the receipts have been tabulated, and the federal government has to meet the resultant total amount from its coffers.

Irene's destruction is enormous, and it will require a grand amount of money and resources to handle its aftermath.

The flooding has obliterated homes, businesses and even whole towns, and it would not be a lesser responsibility by governors and city executives, as it would be for the federal government, to move swiftly with plans that would ensure confidence in citizens that their needs would be met, even though times were hard.

The federal government has moved to strengthen the Department of Homeland Security in its efforts to protect and secure localities that have been affected, and there has not been a single report of lawlessness anywhere.

That is a sure sign that, even though, the hurricane's path is on the east coast, the country's surveillance is up and ready for any eventuality.

President Barack Obama has been speaking to calm the nerves of people who have been struck in any way by the fury of the storm; with deaths occurring in many states, and families needing assurance and comfort away from their bereavements.

With the Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, they have been working tirelessly and ceaselessly to encourage all those involved in the recovery effort, and thanking them for the extremely hard work they have chosen to do to help their fellow citizens. Whatever that was confronting them, during and after the storm, was hazardous; and they deserved praise for their sacrifice.

The storm will not have happened at the wrong time, when the nation is trying to cope with a slow economy, and under a harsh recession. The financial aspect of it will add to the debate on the deficit reduction in Washington D.C. We hope that the U.S. Congress will handle every discussion diligently, and with a great amount of patience for members to reach their decisions amicably.

However, natural disasters, like accidents, will happen; and nobody can have any control over them. Yet, the results will always be how they are handled; whether good or bad, by the authorities concerned.

This time, the handling of a gruesome situation, as the impact of Hurricane Irene, is going well; and the country must show gratitude to the way the federal government is taking charge of it. Although, it is an on going assignment; it has started very well.


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