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Updated on July 11, 2011
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clear signs that your man is a rapist

Many of us have heard countless news accounts of men who although lived normally as married men with families lead totally different lives as rapists. But can you be married to a rapist and not even know it? In my latest book "Until I Get Caught - The True Story Of A Serial Rapist In Baltimore"I delved into the mind and world of Baltimore serial rapist Reginald Williams. Freely granting me permission to ask him absolutely anything, I questioned him point blank how a woman can be alerted if her mate is a rapist. Are there obvious, foolproof signs that every woman should be aware of? Reginald informed me that some obvious signs are definite red flags that a woman should look for in her mate if she has concerns.

  • Does your mate enjoy only extreme, rough or forcible sex at all times and could care less how you feel about it? Forcible sex is a sure fire way or tip off that he is addicted to some sort of control and if you aren't with it, you can best believe he's going somewhere and finding a female either willing or unwilling.
  • Is he intrigued by stories, articles or movies depicting rape scenes or a woman being followed?
  • Does he like going out at night only by himself and at wild times of the night? Either your man is having an affair or engaging in other sexual activities.
  • Does he have an extremely, unusually high sex drive? For example, does he need sex 5 or 6 times on a daily basis?
  • Does he have extreme, weird sexual fetishes or abnormal sexual desires?
  • Does his laptop contain only websites that not only deals with forcible sex but sex that involves pain or torture?
  • Does he collect newspaper clippings or articles about rape?
  • Does he discuss rape cases all the time?
  • Does he sit in the house and stare out the window for long periods of time with his hands down his pants?
  • Does the TV shows or movies he likes to watch deal with sexual violence all the time?
  • If you're in bed with him, lets say you're watching TV and a scene pops up where a female is getting beat up, followed or raped and he's overly excited or physically aroused, obvious red flag.
  • Is he a loner? Withdrawn socially?

Ladies, learn to listen to your gut about certain situations because when certain situations don't feel right, the're usually aren't. If your gut feeling is telling you your man is a rapist, chances are he is.


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    • profile image

      susy 4 years ago

      not many sign but he like blond women in hand cuffs