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How Can We Fight Corruption? Types of Corruption, Reasons Not to Give Up and a Vision

Updated on September 15, 2018
annart profile image

Ann enjoys writing about social issues, inspired by something topical or personal experience. She finds common sense lacking in politics.


There are many faces of corruption, many places of corruption, many cases where corruption plays a part.

Why does corruption exist? Man succumbs to greed, be it for power, for money, for glory or for personal gratification. Man succumbs to crime, maybe to support a drug habit or make money from those who have one, maybe to enact revenge, maybe in a crime of passion, maybe just to deal in 'dodgy' goods.

At a political level, there are those who seek power and will do anything to get it; they'll trample on anyone, they'll use underhand means, they'll make hollow promises, all the time charming and sweet-talking their way through the ranks, their public face always showing the right image, saying the right things whilst their private lives and discussions are quite the opposite.

Politics widens to the national, then international stage; the same tactics apply and, sometimes, are never exposed.

It happens, too, at a business level; banks, industrial companies, pharmaceutical companies, commercial business, right down to the individual businessman.

Sadly, too, it happens in our own private lives. We steal, we lie or (just as bad) withhold information, we cheat, we fight, we injure and some of us even kill.

Types of Crime

Some steal to make money; how does that affect those who are robbed? What about the elderly pensioner whose savings are then gone? Does she survive or does she give up and die? Does she have someone to help her or does her pride keep her quiet?

Some steal to support a drug habit or to make money as dealers. Can we understand those who have to feed a habit? Can we tolerate those who make it their business to supply the drugs, purely for gain?

Some plot another's downfall, or physically harm, or even kill in the name of revenge. Is this justified? Can we understand why this happens? Is it right to retaliate, to treat injustice with injustice?

Some have such strong feelings for someone, or such strong convictions, that they commit crimes of passion. Is that understandable? If someone acts without premeditation, can they be pardoned?

Then we have the cold-blooded killers, the rapists, the pedophiles. Can we possibly understand these people? Is there any way they can be forgiven, rehabilitated?

How Does it Start?

The basic instinct is the survival of the fittest;

  • children instinctively push each other away to get to something they want, until they learn tolerance & kindness from their parents,
  • they scream & shout in temper because they want something or don’t want to do something, until they learn, from their parents, that it gets them nowhere, that being kind and reasonable gets them rewards, the best of which is a kiss and a cuddle and told ‘what a good boy/girl!’,
  • they cry more and more loudly when they are hungry, until they realise that they will be fed, they won't go hungry.

What happens, then, when a child is not given the tolerance and kindness, not taught that screaming doesn’t get them anywhere, not given kisses and cuddles, not ever told they’re good.

What happens when something bad happens, either in childhood, or later in life, that the victim sees as unjust or unfair and it seems that the only way to get anywhere is to take any means available whether or not that in itself is fair.

Have you ever stolen from the workplace? I’m talking about a pen, a pad of paper, a folder, some paper clips..... A little thieving is regarded by some as a ‘perk’ of the job; it’s nothing perhaps. However, like drugs which start with a little cannabis maybe, it can be the beginning.

‘I got away with that, so why not this? No one suffers, I’m not injuring anyone. Why shouldn’t I? I’m poor; no one gives me anything. How do they expect me to survive with little money?’

Then the slippery slope begins.

Those Who Suffer


  • the pensioner loses his or her life savings through theft or deception,
  • the mugged pedestrian falls, receives cuts and bruises and is afraid to go out again, or worse still, falls and has a heart attack, or is maimed for life, or dies,
  • the child who is abused is scarred for life, may never be able to trust again, to have a loving relationship,
  • the family of a murder victim are the ones who suffer through someone else's anger or other extreme emotion,
  • the child or adult bullied at school or at work, loses self-esteem, feels abandoned, rejected, worthless and the repercussions ripple through the family.

There are many more.

How do we Deal with Corruption?

Why don’t we give up fighting corruption if it’s all around us?

We don’t give up because

  • we’re natural survivors,
  • we think we can make a difference,
  • we hope the world can be a better place,
  • we can make our own little corner of it a place which is better to live in by being kind to our friends and neighbours,
  • most of all, we can teach our children how to go about doing all that.

Hopefully, the kindness and good examples will spread, the ripples will become wider and wider and drown the corruption little by little.

We don’t give up because we are in the majority! Despite the daily news telling us of wars, death, riots, murders, theft, poverty, disease and cruelty, there is much which is good in the world. People are being good parents, offspring, friends, neighbours, doctors, teachers...; they are making others’ lives better, richer, happier, healthier, safer. At least we do hear a little good news each day but not enough. There should be a compulsory hour or two on radio and television for good news, something to cheer us up, to inspire, to amuse, to give us a warm, cosy feeling. Yes, we need to know about what’s happening in the world but let’s have the wonderful with the dreadful, the amazing with the awful, the brave ones with the cowards. I was hard-pressed to find positive headlines when researching for this hub (and only one was in a newspaper!).

A Vision - What can we do?

Look to the ideal world? No, actually! That would be lovely but could we do without the challenge? Could we survive without something to strive for? Maybe. Let’s be realistic though, let’s take it one step at a time.

The vision for me is a world which is much more peaceful but at the same time is able to deal with crime, prevent most crime, understand the reasons for crime and deal with the perpetrators accordingly, humanely, with successful rehabilitation. We're getting there but it's still a long way off.

I believe the ideal world will never exist because mankind has free will and therefore will never be perfect. That doesn’t stop us trying to get close to perfection - what’s the point if we have nothing to aim for, nothing to give us satisfaction when we achieve it?

In my mind, it takes tolerance, understanding, forgiveness, faith in the good and the brave, faith in God if you like, whichever way you look at it. All well and good, you say; words are easy. All those good qualities are not so easy to keep in one’s heart. We are often stretched by bad deeds, bad words, bad situations, stretched to find any tolerance at all, any forgiveness when someone hurts us, any faith when a loved one is harmed.

However, if we can do our best to keep open minds and hearts, then we’ll be a step nearer to fighting the corruption around us. Corruption often comes from a wounded soul or a damaged child, a disappointed person who’s been cheated by a trusted friend, a person let down by a broken promise. Do we let them down further or do we try to understand why they act as they do?

I’d like to think I could help to make this a better world but I know I’m sadly lacking; what I do know is that it’s so important to keep trying.

Ways to Beat Corruption

Do you prefer...

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What's your View?

Please tell me your views on this issue; there are many ways to tackle a problem and many people with innovative ideas - what's yours?

© 2012 Ann Carr


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    • annart profile imageAUTHOR

      Ann Carr 

      2 years ago from SW England

      jman00001: Thanks for reading and for your comment.


    • jman00001 profile image


      3 years ago from Texas

      Good article! I agree the fight against corruption is an uphill battle but a worthy one. I wrote an oil company hub on the subject.

    • annart profile imageAUTHOR

      Ann Carr 

      5 years ago from SW England

      someone who cares: I appreciate your kind comments on my hub and I understand the fact that you are angry with much of the world. I think it's important to concentrate on what's good around us and try to do what one can to make the world a better place, to channel any anger into doing good.

      I know one uses extreme language sometimes in conversation but it's not welcome in my hub; I thought about denying this comment but you have some valid points so I didn't. Thank you for reading and for taking the time to comment; please do not use 'f**k' on my hubpages comments again. Thank you.

    • profile image

      someone that cares 

      5 years ago

      Very well written..inspiring. too bad these kind of speeches are not said on the news to motivate people. It's very depressing being so intune with the world..feeling the pain. But, at times I do feel the beauty and peace the world once had and can have again. Even someone doing the littlest good deed such as, complimenting me or seeing them so full of happiness makes me happy too. What really upsets me is seeing all these famous people too caught up in rediculous matters that are so..non-important or substantial for everyone-So selfish. There's more views on Miley Cyrus' bleached eyebrows than this. This really cuts deep because it feels as if the world is so fucked up..which it is. People worship people like The Kardashians, Miley Cyrus and other selfish idiots. THIS BEAUTIFUL AWAKENING SPEECH SHOULD BE ALL OVER THE INTERNET ,THE NEWS, THE FUCKING WHITE HOUSE FFS!

      You all want a purpose? Awaken people. Remind them of what life is really about.

      What is life about? Knowing right from wrong and staying true to yourself and everything around you..we are here to love..not envy others, feel isolated, not important or unwanted..if you take a closer look that's what the government/media is doing.

      The music industry encourages drugs, heavy drinking, hardcore partying, disrespecting women, crime, killing...rap is so over rated it's rediculous. I even heard some idiot rap about how for one of his shows, he makes more than people life savings. You're happy about that? That is depressing af! This idiot is too busy being selfish and greedy to the point he thinks it's Okay that he gets paid 20-100k a show for rapping about pussy, crack and hoes. THIS is what makes me feel doomed. Don't get me wrong, there are many good music artists that are actually optimistic and inspiring..but I hear all this horrible rap. I have had friends that are drug addicts now, don't go to school and their live revolves around mooching other's drugs and alcohol...dying to find the next party to go to. And you know what? All they listen to is that horrible rap!! I believe music does affect your life in many ways, it works as a brainwashing technique in a way, it inspires you in a way..makes you think and look at things a certain way. Influencing you to call women hoes, sluts, over bitches, selln drugs to get $$ and be a gangstaa.. will mind fuck the fuck out of someone already partially corrupt..imagine someone fully corrupt. A lot of these music artists do not wake up in the morning and think, "wow, there is so many people hungry, depressed, broke,, I'm going go on tour and give inpirational species and donate money to my fans. Because I care and love everyone."


      If I was famous, I would go around the world and hear others stories. I would take them along with me and put their stories on blast, awakening the world... reminding others that you are not the only ones suffering...and that even famous people care, I care. I love you.

      I'm 17 years young and I feel the pain within the world. I live in Leamington Ontario Canada. And you know what? It's populated 30k people, the life of this town is Hienz. 600+ full time workers that have worked over 20+years will be out of a job because of a greedy, selfish rich man. Warren Buffet bought Hienz and is closing down not only Leamington's Hienz plant(which is over 100yrsold) but the Toronto plant and most likely more. He is looking at buying sunbright and closing them down to. Why? Because he can make .millions and millions off of closing down plants. Leaving thousands without jobs.. depressed, feeling unwanted and no sympathy.. millions of dollars that Warren Buffet will never be able to spend. Thousands left with out a job. My little town of Leamington will soon be a ghost town. All the little family owned restaurants/shops, our Chrysler dealership, and much more will be affected by the closing of our 100yr+ old Hienz Factory. Who will buy or support all these stores without the money to pay for it? It's not just the workers that will's everyone. The farmers as well..who will buy their crops/tomatoes?

      WHO CARES, RIGHT? Not Warren Buffet!

      It's hard to stay positive. But what else more can we do? Be depressed? How will that make us happy? What will depression do besides slowly eat us away..

      Doing small deeds such as complimenting someone, simply asking someone that looks stressed and upset if they want to.l talk, simply letting someone in need that you care...that someone cares.

      Life on Earth is in a very fucked situation, we, the workers and slaves of earth can change the world. WE ARE WHAT MAKES THE WORLD GO AROUND. WE CONTRIBUTE. THE RICH FOOLED our ancestors into having a political government...fake people who rule the rest of us. They are the reason for modern day problems and struggles. They simply don't care.

      Any tips on my thoughts?

    • annart profile imageAUTHOR

      Ann Carr 

      5 years ago from SW England

      jirel: Thank you for your comment; yes, we have to look at the positive, it's what keeps the world going round. People working together to make a better place is the key. Thanks for stopping by.

    • jirel profile image


      5 years ago from Philippines

      Thank you for this hub.No matter what we will always try our best. Day comes after night. So, we have hope and we will never lose it. Voted up

    • jirel profile image


      5 years ago from Philippines

      A great read. You're right we cannot have a perfect world because we all are different. I believe in the ying and yang theory. There maybe plenty of corruptions in the world but there are good people working against it.We should never lose hope. Day comes after night. If everyone will work actively against it, corruption could be reduced.

    • annart profile imageAUTHOR

      Ann Carr 

      5 years ago from SW England

      Tusitala Tom: Thank you for your kind comments. What you say about fear and self-image is so true and a great shame. I believe education has a lot to do with it. Great to have you pop by and contribute; much appreciated. Ann

    • Tusitala Tom profile image

      Tom Ware 

      5 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      A wonderful Hub; one of the best I've read in a long while.

      Corruption...all sorts of crime is also mentioned here. So what is the underlying cause?

      I think the underlying cause for all crime is fear. Fear comes from a lack of love. The love of the self is paramount in this. But it must be love of the Real Self, not the congealed and conglommerate of thought patterns most of us generally think of as ourselves - our self-image or ego.

    • annart profile imageAUTHOR

      Ann Carr 

      5 years ago from SW England

      Thank you Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay. It certainly would help if the governments around the world acted upon their promises of tackling poverty. Unfortunately they're too busy worrying about their status and power and they leave it to the charities who don't have enough funds. You're right that corruption often comes with poverty but it also comes with power. I appreciate your input.

    • profile image

      Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay 

      5 years ago

      You know if we seriously desire for a corruption-free society, decent political atmosphere, has to put genuine commitment in our own mindset, most of the communities (such as Bengali or Malayalam) in this sub-continent are covered by ‘Culture of Poverty' (hopelessness), irrespective of class or economic strata, lives in pavement or apartment. We are not ashamed of the deep-rooted corruption in this society at heart, decaying general quality of life, bad Politico-Governance, poor work place, weak mother language, continuous consumption of common Social Space. We love to become parents only by self-procreation (blindfold support by lame excuses, followed by the very animal instinct) depriving their(the children) fundamental rights of a caring society, fearless & dignified living. Never search for other positive alternative gesture, a passionate way of parenthood, stop giving birth to any child him/herself till it improves up to the mark, co-parenting children those are born out of extreme poverty, instead. A deliberate attempt to touch the core of the society. Induce reasonableness in our (pool of insensitive persons) way of life. If a pure freedom is desired from vicious cycle of poverty, rotten capitalism need to involve ourselves in 'Production of space' movement, clean & quality Politics would certainly come up. – SB, Howrah-1, India.

    • annart profile imageAUTHOR

      Ann Carr 

      5 years ago from SW England

      Thank you Ethan Green, for taking the trouble to read and to comment. Yes, we do need to focus on education - it's the answer to so many things. Sorry for the delay in responding - have a good weekend!

    • Ethan Green profile image

      Ethan Green 

      5 years ago from England

      I'm glad to see people are voting for education and preventative measures, since anyone who works in criminal justice will tell you that the prison system just doesn't do as well as we would hope...

    • annart profile imageAUTHOR

      Ann Carr 

      6 years ago from SW England

      soumya Mendon: I appreciate your comment and thank you for stopping by.

    • profile image

      soumya Mendon 

      6 years ago

      corruption is not related with political leaders but now it spreads in common man also.Because we do not believe humanity. We have to remove corruption from myself first. Our teachers,are mostly responsible for it. All this lessons are thought in the school only. Today I am seen students who is in 9th standard cannot read or write.what audit or what inspection taken place. I asked audit report of sdo Bhiwandi Mumbai revenu secretary answered me that we cannot do audit of Judgement, order etc. then from where we will start?definitely I will start from the Root. Media from Mumbai are not taking News against Judiciary, they advise me to fight in court.This is the destiny .

    • annart profile imageAUTHOR

      Ann Carr 

      6 years ago from SW England

      Yes bizandtechcitadel it certainly would be; we can only do what we can and hope for the best but it's amazing what people can do if they all do it together. Thanks for reading and leaving your comment; much appreciated.

    • annart profile imageAUTHOR

      Ann Carr 

      6 years ago from SW England

      katyzzz; thanks for the comment. Yes people do seem to get off so lightly, be it the persistent juvenile offender or the corporate rogues who think they're untouchable (and some do seem to be!). Sorry for the delay in replying; I'm away and internet access is not as good as it should be. I appreciate you dropping by. Ann

    • katyzzz profile image


      6 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Society would benefit from implementing new ideas, the situation is getting out of control, but letting people off so lightly, juveniles in particular does not serve any of us well and especially the perpetrators who just laugh and do it again

    • annart profile imageAUTHOR

      Ann Carr 

      6 years ago from SW England

      Teru: thanks for the comment. Do you mean that if we dream corruption-free living, then it will happen? That would be great if everyone did the same but, sadly, there are those who are quite happy being corrupt. I appreciate you dropping by, reading and commenting.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Dream acorruption free living

    • annart profile imageAUTHOR

      Ann Carr 

      7 years ago from SW England

      Thanks for the comment thom w conroy and also for the follow. Collective action certainly does make a big difference! Looking forward to reading your hubs.

    • thom w conroy profile image

      thom w conroy 

      7 years ago

      I agree totally - the only time we all lose in this issue is when we collectively give up. Keep fighting!

    • annart profile imageAUTHOR

      Ann Carr 

      7 years ago from SW England

      Hi Billy! Thanks for another kind comment. Yes, I think it's the fact that people act together that makes the difference. Not my usual type of hub but I found that it made me really think about the problem and ask myself some questions! Off to enjoy some lovely Spring sunshine - hope your day's as good.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      7 years ago from Olympia, WA

      I agree Ann; to give up is unacceptable! We will do our small part and the small parts will make a big part and we will make a difference. Love the message in this hub and as always love your writing.


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