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HOW Humanity One World--John Carson: A Force to Be Reckoned

Updated on February 11, 2018
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Janine is a published author in Only Trollops Shave Above the Knees, appears on The Huffington Post and at Confessions of A Mommyaholic.

H.O.W--Humanity World One and John Carson

Upon hearing this story I am about to share, I was literally moved to tears. I had been searching for days to come up with a beautiful and touching story to also help in my friend Billybuc’s Cause called HOW Humanity One World. In Bill's own words, "This movement is dedicated to helping the less-fortunate in this world, to bringing us all closer and for loving one another." The two seemed to work perfectly and go hand-in-hand. By the way this story, I feels truly embodies this movement perfectly.

It should be noted that this young man’s mother (she also was a lifelong resident of Long Beach, New York and lost everything during Hurricane Sandy, but is more concerned about her son) works with my husband and they are trying feverishly to get his message out there and to get him just a bit of recognition for all that he has done and accomplished. He doesn’t have a clue what his mother is trying to do for him, but she is his mother and so very proud of him. He would probably scoff at having anything done for him per say, because that truly isn’t the type of man he is (humble to the end), but still and all if anyone is worthy it is John. Please read on and see why.


A Life Changing Moment in Time...

Hurricane Sandy has changed and affected the lives of millions along the East Coast, many have lost homes, friends and loved ones. As those who were impacted begin the painful steps in rebuilding their lives and communities, a story of hope and inspiration, which is one of many, has emerged from Long Beach NY.

John Carson, resident of Long Beach witnessed the destruction of his beloved home town and is tasked with rebuilding his life. However, Sandy was not the toughest obstacle that John had to face; it was just another opportunity for him to once again help his family and community. John is no ordinary man and has an extraordinary backstory, even before the hurricane occurred.

On the evening of July 16, 2009, this wonderful newly married energetic young man, with so much to live for, was training and riding his bike on the shoulder of a local road, when he was struck down and hit by an SUV. From the accident, John suffered a Spinal Cord Injury at Vertebra C5 and C6.

He was airlifted to a level 1 trauma center hospital, where they did everything that could be done to at least make it be able that John could breathe on his own, but as for walking, the doctors were not so very optimistic even though he didn’t break his neck or completely severe his spinal cord, the injury was still extremely serious and was given the prognosis that he most likely would never walk again, being classified a quadriplegic.

Although initially this seemed to have indeed upset him, he decided that he wasn’t going to give up and fought the long uphill battle to be able to walk again. In his own words, he has told other interviewers that in those first six months after his injury, he pushed himself to the limit by being the first in the doors of the rehab center and also the last out six days a week.

The results shocked the naysayers in the medical field when John did indeed start to walk again unassisted without the wheelchair and/or crutches.

In May 2010 (almost a year after his ill-fated accident), not only was he walking, he even participated and competed at Ironman Lake Placid, where he ran and finished a triathlon race.

When the accident did first occur, The Christopher Reeve Foundation had reached out to John’s family and advised them on the best treatment and hospitals that would help in the best possible recovery outcomes for him. John felt indebted to them and has since joined in helping this wonderful organization to raise money for others who are in need. Trying to give something back after all they had done for him, he also mentors other quadriplegics, has helped his own friend walk again and even lent support to Livestrong, They Will Surf Again Foundation, and I Will Foundation (Matt Long). Just an all around angel living amongst us.

Almost a year afterwards the unimaginable happened.  Not only could John walk, he ran in highly acclaimed race.
Almost a year afterwards the unimaginable happened. Not only could John walk, he ran in highly acclaimed race. | Source

Hurricane Sandy and John Carson..

On Monday October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy hit landfall in the New York local tristate area. One of the towns that was so greatly affected and impacted was Long Beach, NY. This was the hometown of the aforementioned John Carson and his family. From this barbaric storm, John and his wife lost their home and all their worldly possessions, but through it all he remained focused in the aftermath to make sure that his friends, family and neighbors were taken care of after the storm had indeed passed.

Some of the things he did to help out were as follows:

  • Syphoned gas out of boats (Long Beach is a beach community on the South Shore of Long Island) to run generators for all his neighbors;
  • Made sure that all his family members who lived in neighboring communities were all safe and accounted for;
  • Set up three family members that lost their homes from this horrific storm;
  • Assisted his brother, Robert, who had recently had hip surgery and was unable to do anything to prepare for the storm and the aftermath;
  • And even waded through waist deep cold waters to retrieve and attempt to salvage his loved ones personal belongings.

This courageous young man, who has had all his own struggles from his previous accident, took it upon himself to help everyone else out in need during this truly trying time and never once really thought of himself. He is what true heroes are made of and I can’t say enough how he is a reminder to all that one person can truly make a difference in this world, especially at a time when most people are truly too selfish and blind to see their own noses on their faces, let alone put others needs ahead of their own. Bravo to John Carson and I felt his story was worthy to share and put out there as a tribute to a loving and caring man, who has helped make the world a little better and brighter, because of his spirit and efforts.


About the Author:

Janine is a freelance writer and mom of two. She is known for being a stay at home mom to two beautiful little girls right now. Life can totally get hectic and has learned to perfect and improvise all day and night too, because of this. You can checkout her profile and more of her family related articles here.

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© 2012 Janine Huldie

© 2012 Janine Huldie


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