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Updated on August 27, 2010


Somehow, once in a while, one person pits himself against the whole humanity. Some do so deliberately, others, by their own attitudes, place themselves in that type role without even knowing it.

It has happened several times, with Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Idi Amin, etc., on grand scales; and on smaller but effective magnitude, some have managed to instigate others to bring rancor, divisiveness and enmity among groups of people; or even attempt to rally a nation, from their perch, whether it was on the radio or from a TV network station.

They do so repeatedly by way of disseminating adverse information to destroy character and reputation. Defaming political personalities through the media has been around for so long; yet, they know that the public tend to become immune to it, and so it ought to continue.

For example, if using history to cajole people into thinking that things were so bad in their day; and conjuring up names like Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, Hamilton, and comparing them with our present day Obama, who was of a different race; the name callings, the background checks, the associations and/or connections with social-political misfits; and added to all that, the innate phylosophical views expressed in speeches by him; was not racist inclined, then nobody knew what that was. The notion of making the blood of some people boil could not be ruled out.

Could it then be said that racism has noticeably reared its ugly head in today's politics? Well, it was up to the ordinary folk to provide an answer for himself.

However, to avoid the semblance of any racist intentions, the name of Martin Luther King, Jr, was on the lips of a TV host, who wanted to draw attention to himself, by organizing another " I have a dream" gathering to match that of King's. The venue? Washington; and for the crowd to hear speeches that might have racial connotations, directly or indirectly, right infront of the Lincoln Memorial; the same spot where Dr. King stood on August 28th 1963. What a coincidence.

Whatever Dr. King did was for humanity; the dignity of all human beings to live as equals; and whoever wanted to diminish it was pitting himself against all of mankind. Only History would tell.


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