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Had enough by now?

Updated on February 21, 2011

How long before it's totally worthless?

Where they make money for their friends ... and you are not one of them!
Where they make money for their friends ... and you are not one of them! | Source

Want more of the Fical Matter?

You may not have much of a say in it ... what ever limited change is being proposed to put things right, is coming way to late in the game ... and it's not being put in place fast enough.

But what else can you expect when you have a politically manipulated bunch of people who only know how to consume, sit back, do nothing but gain weight, trust god and a totally corrupt capitalist system with no use for any social or cultural value?

When a guy like Michael Moore holds a mirror to their faces with his documentory "Capitalism - A Love Story", it doesn't even start a national out-cry for political change in a country where any discussion of social change, progressive political activism or strategies which may require some understanding of more than how to put up with an inempt political system.gets markt as being against the "national interest" because you let the banksters tell you what's in your interest by trusting these criminals with your life and your money.

How much of all this is your own fault for being so politically inept yourself?

I'm not always this serious ... if you want a good laugh, read my blog "Flu prevention" ... and then come back, view the following video and tell us what you are going to do about this mess!

Are you part of the DOPE ECONOMY?


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  • f_hruz profile image

    f_hruz 6 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Thanks so much for your comments ... you are spot on!

    My situation is the odd one out, in a way. I studied Math & Computer Science so I could apply it to various financial engineering projects and build my own derivative trading strategies, etc.

    It worked out quite well for me.

    It's interesting though, how the mutual fund industry, the banks, etc. are like organised religion, telling people they can't learn or do well on their own. Creating the myth, people have to let them take care of their money instead, often producing very poor results and charging fees out of proportion with the performance of their products ...

    It's these kinds of myths about religion, politics and economics combined with limited basic critical, analytic thinking skills which creates this fertile foundation for large scale mind pollution, if you ask me ...

  • Terri Meredith profile image

    Terri Meredith 6 years ago from Pennsylvania

    I agree that there is a prevailing ineptitude among the average American public. However, it can be very difficult for the average Joe to keep up with financial matters at the level discussed in the video simply because the average Joe doesn't invest in these types of financial products. The middle class working folks put their money in a checking to pay their bills. They put some in a savings to cover the extras like vacations. They may put a small chunk in CD's in an effort to save for a larger purchase such as a house or car. And then they put some away in a retirement fund. Most of those funds are through their employer. They are handled by an investment house. We're not talking about high stakes rollers. We're talking about people just looking to live somewhat comfortably throughout their lives, as a result of their hard work and dedication. Financial deals such as those discussed in the video are beyond the average guy's scope of understanding. That's why folks like you and I write about these topics. We break things down into a language that's easier to understand. Who else is there to teach them? Activists who write, who speak, who put the information out there, are the ones who light the fire.

    As for apathy...have you looked at what garbage is being put into our food supply? Do you understand that EDC's cause changes in the way the human brain works? How it processes information? How it thinks and responds to stimulation? Not to mention how physically ill and incapacitated people are becoming? Yes, it's an uphill battle for us to make ourselves really heard and understood...but well worth the battle if even one person finally catches on!

  • f_hruz profile image

    f_hruz 6 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Thanks Beverly ... it sounds to me as if you may have gone through a bit of a transformation in your views of the value of religion, church and god as well.

    Am I reading it correctly?

  • Beverly Stevens profile image

    Beverly Stevens 6 years ago from College Station

    I enjoyed reading your article and video.

  • f_hruz profile image

    f_hruz 7 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Good point ... but as long as we are alive, we can speak up, reach out and learn how to make friends with thinking people who still have enough morals and a global outlook on life not to be taken in by BS and propaganda ... even if it's up to your neck!

    Forget the flag wavers - let them watch football!

    That's what I love about HubPages ... it's an ideal place to explore such issues and develop a therapy for this whole question of your own and a whole nations helplessness ... has it become like an addiction requiring community building strategies to provide mutual help to create some sense of empowerment by sharing organizational skills?

    We can do it!

    Even if it's just you and me who get the ball rolling ... :)

  • Austinstar profile image

    Lela 7 years ago from Somewhere in the universe

    I agree. Apathy is it. As I grow older I realize I am more and more apathetic.

    I only have one life to live and I don't want to spend my time trying to get stubborn, indifferent and lazy people to do the right thing.

    I feel helpless most of the time.

  • f_hruz profile image

    f_hruz 7 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Laziness can't be enough to display so little social indifference how badly ordinary people are being screwed by these corporate criminals with the help of paid off officials in government.

    I feel it's years of brainwashing and manipulation which created this unchecked, predatory, corrupt system with people in it so inept to think and act like they had no common social interests, goals and values to fight for other than to consume, believe in god and capitalism US of A style in the form of the American Dream.

  • Austinstar profile image

    Lela 7 years ago from Somewhere in the universe

    It's truly amazing what people will put up with! It could be pure laziness.

  • f_hruz profile image

    f_hruz 7 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Thanks for your comment - I like your new picture! :)

    You are soo correct, but what's keeping the people from waking up to the fact THEY have to learn what it takes to change things from the ground up ... and not wait around for the buttler to show them how political change is made in Egypt or other countries around the world first ...

  • Austinstar profile image

    Lela 7 years ago from Somewhere in the universe

    Tragic, but true.


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