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Haiti's hope lies within your reasons.

Updated on August 9, 2010
The palace may have clapped but the hope still lives on for the spirit of Haiti is in every Haitian.
The palace may have clapped but the hope still lives on for the spirit of Haiti is in every Haitian.

We should share our knowledge so that we give others an edge otherwise they’ll be led by their anger.

Before laying out our strategic rules, we want to inform the world that we have no interest in government or any political parties. On the contrary, we believe that governments are not best suited to help society at their fulest capabilities if part of their responsibility is to protect the interest of big business. As we have noted in the past, very frequent the people’s interest over laps with that of big business.

If you are the chief that must secure the rules of law between two powerful forces you will be more prone to secure the interest of the power that you have the easiest access to. This in theory is call the path of the least resistance. The people’s power is the result of citizens collaboration; it takes time for that power to manifest, it usually envoled a few protest before the people can see result. Whereas for big business it’s a matter of lobbying policies into law.

The organization that we'll create will have no interest in politics except when the issue at hand is one of humanitarian concern. We believe that the only way that Haiti can be help is through the effort of the citizens of the world.

There are no elected officials as of now who can help Haiti move forward, every elected official are subordinate to their interest of preference. Haiti’s progress depends on the result of that interest and who are the negotiators for the country.

If the negotiators are savvy about America's foreign policies and have the necessary contact to pull strings and are determine to put their interest aside to do well by the Haitian people, then whoever these folks are may be the best candidates for the job.

Haiti needs series types of fragmentation in these areas: infrastructure, education and government. The role that our organization will undertake will fragmentize two of these areas. And those areas are infrastructure and education. But we can only be able to make that idea become a reality via the help of the citizens of the world. We are going to make fund raising rise above transparency, you will no longer need to ask where the money has gone for it will be in your face 24/7.

Charity has never been proven to work thoroughly. If charity was the best strategy for helping under developing countries than some nations in the continent of Africa would have benefited a great deal by now. Whenever liquidities are passing hands the potential for chaos and corruption multiplied. And it is all do because of greed. The human greed very often prevents them from seeing the ultimate good.

If the Haitian people truly want to move the country forward we have to form partnership with foreign contractors who see not only their personal investments, but also the interest of the people who inhabited the land they have invested in. When the foreigner proposes a project the criterion for the approval must relate to the long term benefit of the people in that particular area. Another word we need to share the stakes to taste the steak any other selfish ideas will leaves us all hungry.

If we give investors a chance to gain by way of investment they’ll share more interest in the country’s progress and infrastructure. And by investors I am no way referring to any form of government, I 'm thinking in terms of the citizens of the world. No one share interest in a country if they have nothing to lose. Thus, by giving them something to care for we have shared the interest of our country and thereby gives the livelihood of our patriots a little more room for prosperity.

Government role at this point is to act as a mediator to make sure that business is conducted fairly. It is true that no country can run without some form of government, since government can help keep peace members of government must be well compensated to reduce the chances of chaos.

It is not a reasonable measure to give Haitian police guns and baton with a salary they can hardly survive on. When you do that you are provoking violence, chaos and abuse. If we won’t get in a cage with a hungry lion why it is then are we giving Haitian police guns without sufficient food to eat. The first rule of establishing order should always be to take care of those who are in charge of preserving order.

We need diversity in Haiti not liquidity. At least not until there is order. Money given to a country that has no order is money wasted. Since you need money to restore order charity must be limited to serve that purpose. As we know there are many fund raisers in Haiti and to be honest a handful of them are just scam.

There are two propositions for helping with the reconstruction of Haiti; the most achievable one must be perform under strict supervision to be successful. It entails a series of transparency rules that must be proven throughout every single step.

The first proposition will get its funding from fund raising but the process of gathering that money will be different. It will be one that you haven’t seen before because I’m now thinking of it lol.

First let us define transparency so that we all have a good understanding of what it means to have transparency. Wikipedia described transparency as the physical property of allowing the transmission of light through a material.

That is more of a scientific definition of transparency but if we were to translate that definition for the benefit of a common value, we can say that transparency is when all negotiations, whether they be money or policies are negotiated in plain sight right over the table so that everyone involve is an occurrence of what has been negotiated.

Obviously from this definition, anyone who believe that they can be trusted with money does not qualify to be part of the organization since the very concept of transparency dictates that the only time that there is trust is through transparency. When it is not present everyone is a potential thief as far as we concern.

And not just members of the assembly that we will report to because if that was the case it would not have been transparency, it would be more like appearances –big difference. We want a transparency in Haiti where everyone can visually see where every penny is being spent. In that sense the donors are the only loyal members here; there will be brief on our progress in Haiti every step of the way.

This transparency I’m talking about is achievable because it limits access to human greed by keeping the money away from those who are organizing. If those who are in charge of organizing in Haiti have less access to the money given for Haiti’s reconstruction, more can be achieve as per contractual liability.

We'll create an organization call Social Responsibility for Humanitarian Work (SRHW). In this organization, we'll choose people who have a reputation in fighting for social justice as board of directors. These people can be from anywhere across the glove, it is absolutely irrelevant where they are from, the only thing that matters is their intentions and their past performance as social activist, we can pick Amy Goodman for example as board of director if the vote swings towards her preference.

As far as donors, there is only one exception to the rules. Social Responsibility for Humanitarian Work will not accept donations from huge corporations. We think it would be in the best interest of the organization as well as the interest of the Haitian people to keep our donation humane. We’ll do that to prevent any strings attach from the corporate world. Since this is an organization that will perform humanitarian work any issues that is inhuman will provoke us to make noise. This is why it would be in the best interest of SRHW to keep our interest separate from that of the corporation.

We’ll create an account with a bank for Haiti’s Social Justice Fund (HSJF). Everyone who gives a penny for that fund must register with SRHW so that we know who they are. For example let say Gabriel Union gives $20.00 and the organization has already collected $50.000. Gabriel Union should be given a receipt from the bank collecting the funds indicating that the SRHW as in its account as of now $50.020.00. And that goes the same for anyone else who gives money.

That receipt should be e-mail by the bank to the donor and the organization. Anyone who doesn’t have an email account will create one with SRHW before donating. This will be part of the criterions that will help SRHW keeps the focus of transparency alive. The donor will e-mail the receipt sent from the bank to SRHW and the organization will match it with the one sent from the bank.

Of course not everyone will take the initiative to e-mail that receipt back to SRHW because some people are just too busy to even do that. But at least the bank won’t know whether or not the donor has e-mail a copy of the receipt to SRHW which will help keep them honest. If the donor's receipt was not e-mail to the organization, regadless of the amount SRHW is to contact the bank for that receipt.

Although it will be the bank responsibility to convey to SRHW how much funding they are receiving, the purpose of the cross reference is in place to secure the process of transparency. SRHW should know how much money is in the possession of the bank at any given time and so should every donor.

You see, the big problem here is the people of the bank. To be honest with you it is not the bank that we don’t trust, it is the employees of the bank that we don’t trust for banks don’t hold greed it is only people who hold greed.

Since we can’t trust people of the organization with money, we rather have the bank hold the money. So for that we create these bullet proof rules to help us keep the money transparent. If we can keep the money away from people of the organization and prevent the people of the bank from temptation, we would have a better grip of the situation in Haiti.

Since we have open an account with a bank to hold the money that bank cannot be trusted since it is rule by people. Therefore, we have to take precautionary measures to prevent people’s of the bank from being tempted. In this case for every transaction that a donor made it should show up on a computer board at SRHW head quarter. Plus the donor is encouraged to e-mail a copy of the receipt to SRHW so that the organization can cross reference the monies given to the bank with the amount of donors plus the total amount retreive from the organization.

It is important at this point to understand that this money belongs neighter to the bank or the organization. This money belongs to the donors until it is use for a project, anyone who attempt to scam the donors from their money will face sever penality, regadless of the amount retrieve.

Now, let say SRHW wants to build a bridge in Haiti, with the government of Haiti backing the people’s approval for the construction of the bridge, the organization sent out the proposal and contractors all over the globe places their bid for acceptance. SRHW and their affiliates decide on the best accepted bids for the project and have the board members vote on which contractor gets to do the project. So far as you have noted there is no transaction of money between SRHW and the Haitian government. As a matter of fact this organization doesn’t even have to be in Haiti, it can be anywhere else in the world.

The only transaction we have so far is a down payment for the construction of the bridge which the board members agreed on. That numerical value is pronounced to the donors and it become transparent on their receipt next time their make a donation. For example, somewhere on the receipt will show every dollar that the organization has ever retrieved from the bank and what it was used for. Every transaction must be historicly tracable.

Board and staff members will receive a pay check just like any regular job. The total cost of labor will also be depicted on the receipt of the donor. The donor must never have to investigate where did his or her money went, if that every happen it means we have fail to show transparency. Every penny must be accounted for; every project must be voted by every member of the board before issued out.

One question that may come to light is how members of the board of directors are selected. Since they are in charge of making selective decisions for the development of Haiti, how they came to be should be known. Well, in this case they can at first be voted on by a select few who form the organization. To be honest if transparency can be proven a 100 proof than whoever forms the organization is as important as transparency holds.

And lastly the second way to improve Haiti’s infrastructure and the live of the people is through individual responsibilities. Those who have the money can help Haiti development, but it will demand that they be active. If they give their money for people to do for them, greed will form excuses to protect their responsibility and very little will be done. But if they take charge a lot can happen for dedication and the willingness to do good always overcome discouragement.


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    • Coolbreezing profile imageAUTHOR

      James Dubreze 

      8 years ago from New York, New York

      HI! Med

      Thanks for that Support Med. You hit it on the dot Med. It is us the natives who must take the initial steps; if we do it right the world will follow. CNN MONEY announced that Haiti collected 1.3 billion dollar in donations. I mean people have the right to ask where did all that money went. The link for the above claim is below

      Haiti needs world support and Americans to Haiti represents hope. We are sorry for what happen with your money. Americans gave a lot to the cause and those greedy fourkers took advantage of your kind harts.

      We'll take this as a lesson for future reference, IT does not matter how big the name of the organization that is collecting money is, find out about their affiliates and how they may share interest. For educational purposes please check this article.

      Please give your money wisely next time otherwise you doing a disservice to the cause for those who collect that money may not be in the best interest of Haiti.

    • Support Med. profile image

      Support Med. 

      8 years ago from Michigan

      It seems Haiti has a long way to go. And that 'trust' is a huge issue. It is for us all when it comes to govt. and investors. Hope/help has to start from somewhere and if the inhabitants do not trust, seems they would get educated and empowered to take the necessary roles themselves to better their land. Voted/rated.


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