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Hamas, Israel and the Gaza Since the War

Updated on March 30, 2009

 Israel launched its military offensive in Dec. 2008 and carried it into January 2009. Its aim was to dismantle the terrorist group Hamas, which had been sending hundreds of rockets into Israel killings its people. Sinxe 2005, when Hamas seized control of the Gaza area, there has been nothing but one problem after another, mainly from the Hamas, which receives its rockets from Iran to a large degree.

The war Israel launched cost 1200 lives and its sole purpose was to destroy or least stop the Hamas from sending salvoes of rockets into Israel. The IDF offensive which invaded the Gaza with troops and armor lasted 22 days. The IDF claimed success, yet, Hamas has fired rockets (granted, far fewer) since the end of war.

Sadly, Israeli failed. Their attempt to pacify this group did little except create more hate and anger towards the IDF from those Palestinians who lost their homes or loved ones. Perhaps these inhabitants prior to the war were actually pro-Israel to some degree. No longer.

Whatever good intentions the IDF had in their operation have gone awry and peace in the Gaza is more remote than ever. Its new PM, Netanyahu, a former IDF officer, has little interest in having a separate state for the Palestinians.

Since the war ended, Hamas has fired 200 missiles into Israel, which only demonstrates that cannot be trusted even when an agreement is entered into, their word means nothing and gives the IDF to continue them wherever they hide weapons , such as, mosques, schools, shops etc. of course, if the IDF targets them, odds are collateral damage is high ( human life) since everyday people occupy them. Hamas could care less about them.

Peace is not going to happen because Hamas cannot be controlled by the PLO and because their goal is to destroy Israel. Firing rockets from the Gaza can stike towns and cities some 15-20 miles away. If they are fired from the West Bank, they could create havoc on Israeli's International airport.

Who is provoking who? Stop Hamas and peace might just occur.


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