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Hamas and the Gaza Strip

Updated on April 23, 2013
Swan song for Mosqueland?
Swan song for Mosqueland? | Source

another opinion

Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, is a terrorist organization. There is no point negotiating with it. The thing to do is relocate the citizens, en masse, of the Gaza Strip, who are followers of Hamas. If they are escorted, without bodily or financial harm, to Egypt or Jordan, let's say, then this can inaugurate a new, mutually beneficial, constructive beginning. The recognition, in the 21st century, that certain peoples cannot abide one another, and that the only remedy is to separate them, is a realpolitik starting point that will yield results rather than a quagmire. Realism cannot solve every problem, but the time for ceremonial, unrealistic idealism has long since passed. Specifically, peace talks are a major waste of time and effort and, worst of all, promote counter-productive illusions. Discussions that deal with borders, behavior, traditions, protocol, beliefs, roads, water rights, fences, security, checkpoints, and commerce are completely useless. Few Israelis respect Mohammedanism. Westerners also reject the Koran. Allah falls deaf on their ears and Mohammed means virtually nothing to both Christian and Jew alike. To Muslims, on the other hand, the exact opposite obtains. Their book and prophet informs everything they think and do. Why should they court the favor of either Christianity or Judaism? They have their own agenda, impervious to "the lies" of Western Civ. Therefore, a non-violent, humanitarian expulsion will enable those currently inside the Gaza Strip to live elsewhere with dignity, comfort, and humble observance. Clearing out trouble spots has been, historically, effectively employed as a last-resort, peace-keeping tactic in disastrous pockets of large cities. It can also work in the Middle East. The Gaza Strip, incidentally, if nicely located on the Mediterranean, is relatively small in terms of breadth and length. It is where Samson brought down the temple of Dagon on the heads of the Philistines. If secured, many American Christians, who have not already done so, might travel to the holy land and, if given a chance, become helpful part-time/full-time inhabitants of a re-populated Gaza.

Again, few Israelis and Palestinians treat each other as equals. This being the case, and for hundreds of other reasons, Israel should stop its conciliatory strategy and acquire more land at the bitter expense of her bloodthirsty enemies. Questions of right and wrong are never immaterial, but applied to this reason-resistant maelstrom, they serve only to obstruct a genuine resolution. It is, basically, wrong to evict an entire colony owing to its troublemakers. But to wait any further is to tempt an undesirable fate. Later, expansion might become impossible. Hamas, Al Qaeda, and Hezbollah have capable allies. Whoever they are, terror's friends are far from incompetent. Terror itself has plenty of time and reserve strengths, should sympathizers eventually choose to chime in. Surely, terrorist groups have the support of many influential personages deeply entrenched in legitimate worldwide governments. Under the circumstances, force, preferably without bloodshed, is a viable alternative. The objective proposed herein is to move out a hostile population and move in a friendly one, not kill or unduly subject to hardship. No matter who, everyone is motivated by self-centered concerns. A mutually exclusive accord is, logically, what is called for. Israelis stay while Palestinians are steered to a safe, but distant harbor. At present, leading Muslims mean to expel Westerners; we and America's friend should have the same level of commitment, too.

Lines have already been drawn in the sand. It is time for those in, of, and with the Middle East to declare themselves. The current level of hooliganism and incessant payback can only be addressed by changing borders and re-designing the entire Levantine map. In addition to territory inside Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq (for the sake of argument), Israel also needs more inhabitants for annexed territories. Dedicated, uncontentious Christians are the ideal, partnering choice since they would not challenge Israeli political and cultural hegemony. Their motives, inside the Jewish State, are strictly spiritual. How much more desirable this arrangement is as opposed to one in which neighbors repeatedly harm and scheme against "occupiers" or "infidels". UN peacekeepers, a subject of persistent mockery, however committed, are nonetheless also needed. A worldwide coordinated effort, if possible, or American-Israeli, if necessary, would re-locate terrorists and homicidal Muslims farther away to reduce, then eliminate, bus bombings, rocket launches, and hate-filled rallies, and provide for a healthier and more livable future.

On the brighter side, an insulated, larger Israel will be able to sustain a greater Israeli citizenship. This is all that is needed, acreage and number, to achieve the legitimacy that Middle East nations refuse to confer on the beleaguered state. Naturally, no one expects substantive action in the near future. Gaza is 140 sq. miles and has over 1.5 million inhabitants. More's the pity. And yet, there is something within this dreamscape to meditate upon. Nobody likes the Middle East the way it is or has been the last sixty, seventy years. People get hurt, many of whom have nothing to do with the issues. Changes must occur; it cannot stay the same. Perhaps another prescription for change would be better -- much better, in fact. Let it happen, then, and sooner rather than later.


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