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Hamas, the Palestinians, and Israel

Updated on November 21, 2012

Forget about the history after WW2, when Israel was created. It happened, its done, Israel is the superpower in the region. End of story. Now, move on.

In Gaza, an area about the size of Washington, D.C., millions of people live. Like the Israelis next door, they all want a better life, to live in peace, become something, yet, the animosity through history is handed down from generation to generation. By now, the truth takes many forms. There are probably no real absolute truths. But Gaza Palestinians have an internal foe, Hamas. They are not all liked by Palestinians who are not into the power struggle. Hamas came to power in 2007, after they won the elections and put Fatah, another palestinian group to bed. The current government of the Palestinians is not even a real one. It has no authority over Hamas, the radical Arabs who, like Iran, only want to see Israel destroyed. Yet, Hamas controls Gaza like an Italian mafia. Little arrives in Gaza that is not paid to Hamas in taxes. There are 140 smuggling tunnels into Gaza mostly from Egypt and all of them are controlled by Hamas. There is a tax for every item coming into Gaza via tunnels or roads. Hamas uses mosques, apartment buildings for its hidden weapons and rockets, either in them or near them. Ordinary Arabs in Gaza have no idea about this at times and then lose their home to Israeli bombs. It is the ordinary people there caught in the middle and taking loss between Hamas and Israel. To think Israel actually wants to kill innocent women, children and men because they are Arab is simply an idiot's thinking. If that does happen, it is only because of Hamas, either directly or indirectly. Otherwise, Israel would do it at anytime, not just when Hamas is belligerent.

Likewise, Israelis try to go to work, school, shopping, only to have a frantic moment when random rockets explode nearby or kill them with little warning. Like the Gazans, they also live a life of fear and worry because of the hatred of Hamas organization that does what it wants. They hardly represent the Gazans in Gaza. For some, yes, but the bulk just want this violence to stop, like the Israelis.


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