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Hamid Karzai condemns US attack

Updated on April 14, 2017

Karzai condemns US bomb attack

The biggest bomb in the arsenal of the USA that is not nuclear has been dropped on an IS base in Afghanistan.

The bomb laid waste a series of tunnels and storage depots built by the Islamic State and it is thought at least 36 militants were killed in the attack. A bomb known as 'MOAB' or 'Mother of all Bombs' was dropped by a C130 Hercules transport plane onto the Islamic State base that has been something of a headache to US, Afghan and other Allied forces.

Last Saturday a special forces American soldier was killed in fighting with Islamic State and so to prevent further life loss of life this big bomb was brought in to destroy the militants and their base.

This conventional bomb known as GBU-43 was first tested in 2003 before the Iraq War and has the explosive capacity of 11 tons of TNT. The IS base had been directing and commanding IS attacks all over Afghanistan and taking this base out became important.

The bomb was dropped in Achin near the Pakistani border and the local governor of the area said he never seen or heard an explosion like it. It is thought that up to 40 militants were inside the complex when the bomb was dropped and a government spokesman Dalwat Waziri said the operation had been a complete suuccess.

An American General said this was the first time the bomb had been used in combat and should not been seen as a reference to an attack on North Korea. Donald trump described the attack as a success and also batted away questions about North Korea.

Meanwhile ex president of Afghanistan well known for his green cloak has spoken out about the dropping of the 'MOAB' bomb in his country. Hamid Karzai said this attack was nothing to do with the 'War on Terror' but the testing of a bomb in combat never used in combat before. He went on that his country should not be used as a testing ground for new and terrible weapons.

It is understandable the Americans would want to destroy a massive IS complex like this and perhaps Karzai is right to say the bomb was used to see what damage it could do. Just as the A-Bomb was used on the hapless people of Nagasaki and Hiroshima but in the 'MOAB' case thankfully there appears to have been no civilian casualties.

Brief Bio of Hamid Karzai

1) Born in 1957

2) Born in the village of Karz, Afghanistan

3) Educated in India and Afganistan

4) Speaks English, French, Peshto, Hindi and Persian

5) Supported Mujahadeen fighters against Soviets

6) Worked for CIA while doing this

7) He was a resistance fighter against the rule of the Taliban

8) Became President when the Americans and others drove out the Taliban

9) Served two terms as President

10) Remains active in politics

Hamid Karzai
Hamid Karzai | Source


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