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Hammond Attacks Russian Policy.

Updated on February 2, 2016
Russian Mig 29.
Russian Mig 29. | Source
Map Of Jordan.
Map Of Jordan. | Source
Jordan's King Abdullah.
Jordan's King Abdullah. | Source

Talks With King Abdullah Of Jordan.

British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has been in talks with Jordan's King Abdullah as Jordan has a good reputation of welcoming in refugees that have ranged from Palestinians, Syrians and Iraqis. However during these talks King Abdullah has highlighted Jordan's ability to cope with the influx of refugees from Iraq and Syria which is now according to him at breaking point and says his country will need more international help from the outside community.

Philip Hammond has assured the Jordanian king that the UK and others will do what they can in trying to help Jordan maintain its humanitarian help for these people escaping the devastation of their homes and land by the chaotic war going on even as I type this in places like Syria and Iraq.

The UK will be taking in 20,000 Syrian refugees over the next five years from the camps like in Jordan and Lebanon instead of taking in refugees that have arrived in western Europe like many other western nations have been doing and while Philip Hammond was touring a refugee camp in Jordan Hammond launched a blistering attack on Russia military policy in Syria.

It was the strongest attack from a British minister on the Russians in quite a while saying the indiscriminate aerial campaign by the Russian Airforce was not only targeting terrorist groups but was hitting dis -proportionately civilians which was leading to more people leaving Syria.

Certainly Russia has been attacked in its policy of using dumb bombs and also attacking enemies of the Assad regime like the Free Syrian Army (whom the West backs) as well as attacking Islamic State targets.

There is a momentum on the table by all sides now to get all sides except Islamic State to the negotiating table but there still remain sticking points.

It seems Russia came into the Syrian war not only to prop up its man in Damascus: Assad, but also to preserve its one and only base in the Middle East at Latakia on the coast of Syria from where it could maintain its eye and influence on the Middle East.

Syria is now such a hotpotch of different factions and nations each wanting their part of the Syrian pie that even getting the sides to look at a de - facto ceasefire before any peace talks began may prove difficult and whatever happens Islamic State and Al - Qaeda groups will continue fighting any way.

Syria has become one of the biggest international headaches for the international community for many years.


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