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Handicapping the 2016 White House Race

Updated on July 12, 2014
Billrrrr profile image

Bill Russo is featured in the film & TV show, The Bridgewater Triangle & has written several books (both fiction & non) on Amazon Kindle.

It's Never Too Early to Start on the Road to 1300 Penn Ave

----------------------------Nine Noteworthy Hopefuls -------------

Odds of getting Nomination
Voter Hook
Marco Rubio-R
Bi-lingual Hispanic
Hillary Clinton-D
Jeb Bush-R
Good Governor/Businessman
Chris Christie-R
Made of Teflon
Andrew Cuomo-D
Family Ties
Joe Biden-D
Experience/White teeth
Deval Patrick-D
Massachusetts Governor
Mitt Romney-R
Sarah Palin-R
Bold as Brass

Handicapping the 2016 Presidential Race - Rubio is Early Favorite

by Bill Russo

Using the 'Pendulum Effect Theory', my guess is for a Republican victory in the next U.S. Presidential election.

Here are five potential candidates from from the Red side and four from the Blue. With no political expertise or extensive education, I offer my slant on each:

Marco Rubio


The Senator from Florida is a 42 year old hispanic who is equally at home in English or Spanish and did in fact deliver the GOP's response to President O'Bama's State of the Union address in both languages. He has charisma and a close up knowledge of immigration issues, being the son of 'legal' Cuban immigrants.

H. R. Clinton


I had originally picked Hillary as a 7 to 5 favorite to win her party's nomination, but due to an increasing number of questions about things that happened on her watch while she was Secretary of State, I dropped her odds and I think that her campaign could sink before it ever gets started. Still, she has the connections and the clout to wage political war with just about anybody.

Jeb Bush

JEB BUSH (6-1):

Some Republicans think a 'Bush' in the Hand is worth THREE in the (White) House; but how is Jeb ever going to make it when even his mom said we have had enough Bushes in the White House? Jeb laughed it off, but it must have given him more than a little pain. He has shown great business acumen, working with self made millionaire & Cuban immigrant Armando Codina. He was a two term Florida governor and seems to have done very good work. It’s hard to find negatives about this man other than the baggage his name may carry. Both his brother and Dad were Presidents with varying successes and degrees of popularity. If he is chosen, it would make the Bush family, the only clan to ever put three men in the Oval office. There have been two Roosevelts and two Adams.

Chris Christie

Chris Christie (7-1):

The New Jersey Governor only looks like he's made from Pillsbury, he actually was fabricated from Teflon. Several issues have cropped up. He appears to be able to brush them aside with no more effort than swatting a fly. He knows how to get free publicity, how to keep himself in the public eye, and most importantly how to pander to all sides. Has had weight loss surgery - If he drops 75 to 80 pounds, he will perhaps begin running, and sprint to the lead.

Andrew Cuomo

Andrew Coumo (12/1):

The 56th Governor of New York. The son of the 52 nd governor of New York State. Seems to be a serious, hardworking Governor and has made some fairly impressive moves. Was married to a Kennedy but divorced her and now lives with a food network presenter. Don’t know if the Kennedys (or is it ‘Kennedies’) have bad feelings about him. The Kennedys (Kennedies) are a bad group to have against you.

Joe Biden

Joe Biden (18-1):

Plenty of experience. He's run for President a few times. He will have served eight years as VP by the next election. He is the man with the greatest and whitest smile in Washington. Joe should have been a used car dealer. Everybody would buy three or four cars from Joe. Alas, for Joe, I don’t think the electorate wants anybody to set up a Dodge dealership at 1300 Penn Ave.

Deval Patrick (27-1):

My Mother told me that I would be judged by the company I keep. I guess Governor Deval Patrick's Mom skipped that part of his education. The Massachusetts governor, during a winter blizzard snow emergency surrounded himself by ...... Well you will just have to see this for yourself. The sweaty, overweight lady is his Secretary of Public Safety. SORRY GUYS - DEVAL PATRICK HAS HAD ALL VIDEOS OF HIS PRESS CONFERENCE REMOVED BECAUSE THE ROTUND, SWEATY ANDREA CABRAL, hIghly paid part time department head, was vigorously fanning herself (fiddle dee dee) during a blizzard emergency press conference. Deaf viewers would have thought they were watching an instructional video of 'how to beat the heat', except that a "signer" was eplaining everything in an equally distracting manner, by her especially demonstrative arm waving/signing. I am truly sorry that D. Patrick has been able to squash all copies of this was something to see ! ! ! !

FREEDOM OF THE PRESS???? D Patrick has had this video REMOVED!

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin (35-1):

She attended college in Hawaii for a short time then transferred to a community college in Idaho. Served as a small town mayor in Alaska and she was Governor of the State for about three years before resigning. Palin was under investigation for abuse of power about the time she left office. Was tapped by John McCain’s advisors as VP Candidate. Palin is the most polarizing of all potential candidates. Many people dislike her intensely and just as many think she's the greatest thing since Microwave ovens.

Tom Dempsey's Ode to Sarah (to the tune of the Battle Hymn of the Republic)

2016 - the Choice

Who Do You Favor?

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    • Billrrrr profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Russo 

      5 years ago from Cape Cod

      Hi Levellandmike. I think Christie has a very real shot at his party's nomination. He's a high profile guy and when he gets down to fighting weight, I think he will be a contender. Don't count out young Rubio. He's been very active and vocal and he would carry a huge percentage of the hugely important Latino vote. He's also far and away the most youthful of the prospects. Like you, I was ready to concede the Democratic nomination to Hillary; but there's some really smelly stuff oozing out about things that happened on her watch as Secretary of State. She may not be able to get away from the stink.

    • Billrrrr profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Russo 

      5 years ago from Cape Cod

      Hello Conservative Lady. Rand Paul is certainly in the mix. The field right now is wide open and he is one of the factors in the equation. I am pretty sure Christie, Clinton, Rubio, and Bush are in serious pursuit of the office right now. If not actively lining up money & support, they are at least doing more than dipping their toes in the testing waters.

    • Levellandmike profile image

      Mike Simmons 

      5 years ago from Levelland, Texas

      I could be (and probably am!) wrong, but I don't see any of the Republicans you list here (all of whom with the possible exception of Gov. Christie, I like) being at the top of the ticket.

      Palin's not gonna run. If she does, it won't be a serious run. She's too much of a lightning rod, which may be a good draw to early GOP debates. But I don't believe she could win if she did somehow get the nomination. She'll be a power broker, though.

      Nor do I think Romney'll make another run, even though he remains popular in the GOP. But you can bet he'll make his mark on the party.

      I don't think Jeb is all that interested in the job (after watching his dad and brother at it), although he is rumored to be giving it at least some thought. I see him more likely in a cabinet position, and like Romney, he's quite popular in the GOP and could hold some sway.

      Chris Christie....remember the joke about McCain that was going around several years ago? Went something like this: "There's a rumor going around that John McCain is gonna jump and join the Republican Party. "

      'Nuff said.

      For certain, all these you listed are going to have some serious influence in 2016, and they're good people, but at this stage of the game God only knows who'll rise to the top.

      As far as the Dems go, Hillary's gotta be your front-runner. I don't like her, don't like her politics, didn't like her as SecState. I don't see her as "the smartest woman in America," as she's been called. But these are liberals we're talking about....

      At any rate, she's a better choice than "Uncle Joe."

    • Conservative Lady profile image


      5 years ago from Surprise Arizona - formerly resided in Washington State

      What about Rand Paul, he is doing some good things in DC, he understands the mess that is called ObamaCare, and he is genuinely likable.


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