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Hannah Mack Murder - Six Year Old Found Hanged and Sexually Assaulted in Family Garage

Updated on August 3, 2017

Little Hannah Mack

The Mack Home in Navarro Mills Lake, Texas

Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2007 What is this that I read about in my local newspaper while eating dinner? That's why I hate to read the news, there is so much horror in there. This sweet little six year old was found hanging in the family garage by her mom in Navarro Mills Lake, Texas. Police say she was sexually assaulted as well. Most recent report is that there is a named suspect, but the police are releasing little other information.

The cops are tightlipped on this one. Good. I am sick of media whores from celebrity crap to real human tragedy. Cops are there to investigate, not to have their faces in the camera for 15 lousy minutes of pimping fame. Do your jobs, investigate, interrogate, and dragged whoever's rotten, stinking carcass who did this right to justice.

But I gotta say, who do you think? Which one, mom or dad?

And if not either of them. How is your six year old, other than in school, out of your sight long enough for someone to do this? Where are six year olds? In your care, grandparents, the babysitter, school. Sitting your fat behind in the livingroom scrafing food and watching the telly, while this is going on? Something is real fishy.

Navarro Mills Lake, Texas. Mack home pictured above.

Suspect Arrested in Hannah Mack Murder

Well I'm shocked! It's momma skanky boyfriend. What a mind-blower!!! I reprint the story below from Yahoo News

By PAUL J. WEBER Thu Sep 13, 4:31 PM ET

CORSICANA, Texas - A 6-year-old girl who had been sexually assaulted was found hanged inside her family's garage, and authorities on Thursday described her mother's boyfriend as the primary suspect.


The boyfriend was arrested Wednesday on a charge of possession of child pornography and remained in the Navarro County Jail on Thursday.

Sheriff's deputies have not charged him in the death of young Hanna Mack, but they identified him as the primary suspect, Chief Deputy Mike Cox said Thursday.

Dana Mack discovered her daughter missing Monday morning about the time the first-grader should have been getting ready for school. The little girl's body was found in a rust-covered garage behind her home in Navarro Mills Lake, about 65 miles south of Dallas.

The mother last saw Hanna sleeping on the couch around 1 a.m., according to Jean Langford, the girl's great-grandmother.

"(Dana) is just devastated. We all are," Langford said. "This is the worst thing that's ever happened to this family. Hanna was our pride and joy. She was our little sweetheart."

In a letter to the sheriff's department, Navarro County justice of the peace Vicki Gray said an autopsy of the body showed "a multitude of events that together caused the death of this child." No other details were released.

Neighbors gathered Wednesday evening outside the garage in Navarro Mills, a rural lakeside community in east Texas, and prayed during a vigil. They donated money to the family, held a moment of silence and released balloons into the air.

Many worried that a predator could be on the loose.

"My kids sleep in the bed with me," said Pam Gray, who lives next door and whose children rode the school bus with Hanna. "They get off of school and they've heard all the rumors and wild things, and they're terrified."

Police asked state caseworkers to not say if Hanna's family had been investigated by child welfare officers, said Marissa Gonzales, a spokeswoman for the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. She characterized the request as uncommon.

Suspect Arrested in Hannah Mack Murder


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      angelica mccray 2 25 09 8 years ago

      i love hannah montana

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      angelica mccray 2 25 09 8 years ago