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Happy Days are Here Again

Updated on January 4, 2017

Old well

No one even thinks of me

Unless you walk through the fields of Macharpur, you cannot see me. Do you know how old I am? Nearly 3000 years old! You must be wondering if I am a bhoot who thinks he is still alive. I am a well and am trying my best to keep myself well!

No one even thinks of me. Leaves fall in and so do many insects. Sometimes naughty boys hurl little stones into me. No one needs me anymore. There was a time when women would flock around me. They would chatter happily as each flung their vessel into me and tugged up the cool water.Those days my water was taken in beautifully decorated pots for Pooja at home. Everyone loved my water’s taste. It was sweet’ and just right to quench anyone’s thirst. They sieved it through a fine cloth to remove impurities and then boiled it to kill the harmful germs. Some believed that pieces of mango, Patala and Champaka flowers, and a powder of cloves, camphor, sandalwood and Triphala purify the water collected from me. A crow told me that the mother ocean was upset. No one dark water from her as it was too salty.

Drawing water for me was the time for everyone to talk. Soon I knew every family, in and out. In fact, I learnt the history of their entire Biradari!

Bat Swoops

Sometimes a bat swoops down into me

Today who cares about an old well? Nobody! My cousins, the step wells, are in worse shape. They are dry and have become dirty rubbish’ wells. Some new water bearers deliver water to my village folk. Crow says they are called water pipes. No one now has to lug up a heavy bucket of water. All they do is open water pipe’s tap and water comes gushing out.

At least I can see the Sun and the moon, I talk to the crows and chirping sparrows. Sometimes a bat swoops down into me. The day they put planks atop me, my life will be full of darkness and total silence. I keep hoping that one day someone will come back and take water from me.

Hello? What is that sound I hear? it’s that of human voices! People are coming towards me. I can hear the sound of running footsteps. That is a bucket someone is throwing into me. How wonderful it is to hear it rattling down! Every one sitting, there is water in the well!’

Pipe water and crow

I wondered why they had come running to me

It has been an amazing day. Women and children gossiped as they waited for their turn to draw water for me. I heard children grumbling about horrible homework. Women were talking about the high prices of vegetables and gold!

I wondered why they had come running to me. Friend crow told me that a water pipe had burst and people had to go without water! Someone remembered me. She told them I always had enough water for everyone. Life is much better now. Some folks are taking water from me. They say my water tastes better than that from the Mr. Water pipe! I am no longer a very dukhi well. If I would yodel, all is well with this ancient well!’


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