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Harmful effects of technology in society!

Updated on April 5, 2016

Children addicted to computers!

Where we are heading?

In this information age, we are wondering at various technologies that enable us to access any information about anything on earth, instantaneously!

Who is to be applauded for this great stride? No doubt, the hardware and software engineers have invented a lot during the past five decades. When we look at the computer scenario around five decades back, only some advanced countries possessed the technological know how in information technology. But the cost was prohibitive. The first computer occupied a big hall with so many wires and valves. It required trained engineers to operate the same and get the outputs. Today, we are baffled at the strides made in computer technology. Smart phones, tablets and other gadgets are manufactured, accommodating all aspects of a desktop or laptop. Of course, typing a lengthy document is still cumbersome in small gadgets. For that, we need a laptop or desktop. But every other aspect has been taken care. In addition to act as a mobile phone, we can perform multiple tasks in a tablet or smart phone.

Now let us explore the advantages of these gadgets, which could be obtained even for a cheaper cost, thanks to the innovation of cheaper alternatives without compromising on essential features. Gone are the days of feature phones. Now various applications like ‘whatsup or instagram or other social platforms transmit opinions, comments, photos, videos and other forms communication instantly and sharing make certain events go viral within few hours. Now it is evident that nothing can be kept as a secret or confidential. Even the event that takes place within four walls goes viral. Though some people feel it is an advantage, the news creates instant negativity on the minds of many people. Horrible events are posted live in many websites. It has become a fashion to post ‘killings, murders and suicides live on these platforms. These kinds of abnormal paranoia in the mind of youngsters who post them create much negativity in the net. Even innocent young people who watch that harmful content become dejected or depressed.

This is cheap entertainment. Hence, the creators of those applications have only one aim, Fame and fortune seems to be their only aim. They never comprehend ‘how much negativity they arouse in the minds of various readers. If we examine the advantages of internet, only a minute percentage of welfare measures are undertaken by the governments for the sake of citizens. The remaining contents in the net are poisonous, so to say. But none seems to be concerned at the overall deterioration of morals in society. It started all with the cinemas during the beginning of twentieth century. Initially, people thought it is a great tool of entertainment as well as educative. No doubt, the cinema was initially used in propagating the ideals of leaders during freedom struggle. But later, vulgarism and other forms of violence slowly entered the screens. Decline of morals started during such period. Later, the television has entered the homes of some rich people during 70s and 80s. Compared to television, the harms inflicted by the cinema were less. Only those who want to watch a cinema go out to watch them. There were some kinds of restrictions. But, today, even newborn babies are watching the TV, imbibing all negativity from the age of two or three!

The invention of videos has enabled many to watch porn contents in privacy. This business was thriving in many countries earlier. Later, the internet and computer has enabled every thing ‘free for all’. Parents were shocked to learn that their young children were watching prohibited sites in secret when the parents were away. This is how the minds of young people were poisoned with the contents in porn and violent sites.

Today, the media is replete with many gruesome events that occur in schools when even some small boys’ wield the gun and shoot their co-students. What is the reason? It is the onslaught of technology on the minds of young people in society. It is the cinema, print media, TV, internet and mobile which causes more harm than an atom bomb. Yes, an entire generation is spoiled beyond correction. We consider ourselves as highly sophisticated society! But at what cost? Has the technology increased production of essential items of living? Has it reduced corruption? Has it improved ‘equal distribution and other human welfare programs’? Sometimes we feel that these kinds of advancements are not boon but a bane on society!

Thoughts of Einstein!


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