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Harnessing the Power of Art

Updated on August 20, 2019

Technology has evolved, the world and the job market has followed. The ground fact is that technology is evolving at a pace much higher than our species and we are reaching a point where drastic changes need to be made in our lifestyle, to suvive the new economic revolution.
Creativity is the new currency of our era. The jobs of the future are not for the simple and requires us to evolve. Simple can be made into algorithims and it turns out machines are way cheaper than a human worker.
Creativity for some is a gift while some must expand themselves and work for it but everyone must harness this skill as this is what the new market values.
Art is nourishment for the creative, it is their playground. This is where their skills are developed, where they expand their minds.
We must at this point expand our thinking of art. I am not suggesting to you to start painting canvases or sculpt but definitely realise the value of creative endevour. Drawing, a deep conversation, listening or playing music are all artistic endevours and taking time out once a week for this would be a gift for your future.
"Schools and parents need to allow children to harness artistic qualities as this is where the market is. "

It is not a coincidence that the smartest humans ever were all creatives. It turns out art opens you brain to new pathways. It open a new perspective.
Art feeds not only creativity but also your intellegence.

For example, you may have heard of the Mozart effect.
It is basically a study that showed that listening to specifically classical music like Beethoven or Mozart, increases the IQ of the subjects for a short period of time. Its was also proven in another study that student that pursued music, did better on subjects of verbal reasoning, science and maths.
Music and other forms of art need the person to develop different circuitries in the brain and this can be seen in the brain activity charts to prove that activity in our brain is increased substantially while playing music.
Art has the ability to expand your minds capabilities.

It turns out that there is a reason behind this. The brain of a human being can essentially be divided into left brain and right brain. Left brained people are ones that are disciplined while right brain people are more creative. When we pursue art, the entire brain is lit up ie both left and right brain work together coherently as we require both creativity as well as discipline in any artistic endevour. This type of activity is healthy for our brains and it expands us.
Man must harness both creativity and discipline, the ability to work hard and look outside the box, Art and science.

Perspectives solve problems while the hard working just work hard."

Curiosity is a virtue in our times. The curious man is one who questions the existing knowledge. Deep questioning is the precursor to new perspectives. "The people who ask the most questions usually get the most answers".
The market values perspectives and outside the box thinking , artistic endevour will prime your brain to see them.

Preferances create personality.

Preferances, in essence is knowing exactly what you dont like. It builds a framework for thinking. A personality can not act without preferances.
The way to enlighten your preferances is to question them and seek new answers. This is a subconscious game in the mind of an artist,it builds you and gives you new pathways of thought.

Building of your personality feeds your sense of being. Our sense of being is the subconscious part of us that controls our attention. Where it aims the thoughts and actions will follow.
It has control over you and to hone it and sharpen is the ultimate goal ie being able to focus your attention on your terms.

Our tempremant, preferances and experiences are unique to us and build our personality and sense of being. Integrating all emotions into life is the true aim of art.

"The aim is unobstructed self expression." Gary vee

Ideally, for children, art should be a part of daily routine and even college students should recognize how they can use art to blow off steam. I myself am in college and even though i cant paint canvases everyday, i can utilize my free time efficiently.

Is this not a better alternative to procrastination? Art is a great stress reliever and if all you do in your down time is smoke weed or drink then maybe you can start using those intoxicants and harness their value in artistic endevour. Better than being a lazy stoner anyways.

I am not suggesting that we take time out everyday for this but realise that even 3 hours a week of passionate artistic work will open your mind. Start counting it as productive time and add it in your schedule , you will thank me later.


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