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Has The 'Gender Neutral' Debate Gone Too Far?

Updated on July 13, 2017

Political correctness gone mad?

Today (13th July 2017), the London Underground announced they will be dropping the traditional, globally recognised greeting "Ladies and Gentleman", with a more 'gender-neutral' greeting of "Hello everyone"; other similar phrases will also be used. 'We want everyone to feel welcome on our transport network', said Mark Evers, director of customer strategy at TfL.

This new policy comes as the gender neutral debate is more relevant than ever in today's modern society. There have been several 'discussions' on news programmes, such as Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid. I find myself agreeing with many of the points Mr Morgan makes (which for the outspoken, Daily Mail journalist is nothing of the norm). He questions many times, when will there be an end to all this and where is there a limit, and he has a point.

It appears that people nowadays are offended very easily and a slight misjudgment of someones words can be 'catastrophic'. Let me make it very clear, I totally agree with equal rights of gay people and I respect their courage, as it can't be hard to be a minority group. However, when other people (ones that are 'non-binary') insist on others referring to them as 'they' or such words, rather than 'him'/'her', these individuals must understand it is a big ask to change something as deep and detailed as the English language and how it used. To my amazement, there have been people claim you can now be classed as animals or whatever you want. Surely there is a point where this can become very dangerous. Many vulnerable, young people will open themselves to all sorts of abuse from all directions; is it all really needed to be considered? Yes, they should be open about their sexual preferences and how they feel, but when ever, has anyone wanted to be referred to as a tuna fish or rattlesnake.

Although, I referred to gay people, this is a much wider issue with people that refer to themselves as being 'non-binary' or 'gender-neutral'. Now, correct me if I am wrong, but there are only two genders, right? Or is that different today? Facebook now has over 70 different genders to register under, which makes me think, when will this all stop? When is there a cutting off point? I respect a person's personal choice and how people perceive themselves, as that's their business entirely, but how can they expect 'Sheila', 86 years of age, from Durham, to refer to them as something completely different than what they are used to calling people.

Maybe I am completely misunderstanding this issue, and this is a real thing, with valid points and a solid argument. I would love to know in the comments.

The London Underground have scrapped "Ladies and Gentleman" for "Hello everybody", in a bid to promote gender neutrality.
The London Underground have scrapped "Ladies and Gentleman" for "Hello everybody", in a bid to promote gender neutrality. | Source

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Gender neutrality is a threat to modern society.

Bear with me on this one. In the past 100 years we have achieved so much as a global society. Endless campaigns have seen women earn the right to vote, racial discrimination and segregation abolished and gay people gaining equal rights. This has helped to gain a fairer society, where everyone can respect each others appearance, choices and beliefs.

However, the increased pressures on different companies to now adopt policies for 'gender-neutral' people is reaching a limit. The way we function and live our lives can't step aside for the new pronouns we are being made to use.

There are jobs in which men are needed more than women and vice versa. If an individual that wants to be identified as 'non-binary' rocks up to an interview for a particular job in which a male is more suited (or would be preferred), and this person is obviously female (or 'assigned female at birth' as they would like to put it), then surely they have to be treated as if they were a woman.

Things could become very complicated, especially when these situations arise. Just why change now? After so many years of Male and Female, it seems like the people wanting these different pronouns being used are following a 'fad'. It is in my eyes, totally unnecessary to change it.

You can choose your sexuality, but can you choose your gender?


I have spoken how I find this whole topic quite annoying and too far fetched. However, we have to realise that it probably won't go away and we, as a society, have to move with the times. For those of you who aren't particularly familiar with this topic and its relevance in today's world, there will be a book available to purchase, linked in this article, explaining this subject and how we can move forward with it in our lives.

Ultimately, we have to respect people's choices and live with them. Whether we agree with their choices or not, we should be tolerant.

Please feel free to comment and give your thoughts on this topic, as I am intrigued as to what other people think of it all.

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