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Has Malaysian Flight 370 Been Found or Hoax?

Updated on April 29, 2014
Proof? At the very least, send assets there to investigate.
Proof? At the very least, send assets there to investigate.
The circle is the discovery location
The circle is the discovery location

It has been well over a month since Malaysian flight 370 vanished from radar. No traces have been found. Nothing. No debris. Where is it? Underwater searches have also yielded nothing, which has the experts baffled. This is one mystery for the record books, if it is ever found.

Well, a private company, GeoResonance, has indeed found something in the bottom of the Bay of Bengal that could be the aircraft. The company's technology is often used to help clients find mineral deposits for mining, but GeoResonance also has participated in the hunt for old warships or aircraft on the ocean floor. The aircraft found is about 100 miles off the coast. Australian authorities were informed but dissed this because of the four pings found some 3000 miles to the south where all of the searches have been. The Australians dogma about this data, the flight path thought to have been taken, has proven a waste of $60 million dollars.

With such a record, one would think that at least a P-3 Orion or other equipment would have been diverted to verify this discovery. Not so. The discovery was not there on March 5th but was there after 370 went missing. That is compelling. Originally, the flight was thought to have gone north but later it was discounted because of the pings heard. The northern route has never been followed up on because of other considerations. The material that is used to build the 777 is the same type GeoResonance has detected. The discovery poses more questions: Is India telling the truth about not detecting it? How about Pakistan? Both claim nothing was detected, well, were they even looking? Were their radar installations in operation? Maybe that is why they were was no detection. Of course, neither country would ever admit this. Remember, the pings heard, the two possible flight paths for the plane were charted from its last known location; one heading north toward the Bay of Bengal, and the other heading south into the Indian Ocean.

The Northern route was never explored as events turned out and are now hollow. Despite the plausibility, no effort has yet been done to verify what is in the Bay of Bengal. India could easily send a ship out there as could Pakistan. The US could send its detection equipment there. Yet, nothing is done. In the case of India and Pakistan, it they do find it then it will expose poor radar detection capabilities of India, and for Pakistan, the same. If it is the aircraft, the Australians will look totally foolish for their dogmatic approach in this search. The data is making them very inflexible about the aircraft's whereabouts.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I hear you and I wonder how the "authorities" and particularly Miles O'Brien from CNN---who absolutely trashed the company last night on television, will react IF the plane is in the Bay of Bengal.

    • perrya profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      Well, I know some assets have been sent to the Bay of Bengal, so we'll see. It would be very embarrassing IF the aircraft is there!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I think you make a very good point about the "dogmatic" nature of the Australian-led search.

      I find the entire episode baffling---and the more we hear, the more baffling it becomes to me. We are hearing now that the plane's disappearance from radar went unnoticed for 17 minutes AND that Malaysian authorities waited 4 hours (once they'd noticed the plane was missing) before commencing a search AND that the Malaysian military actually tracked the plane over Malaysian airspace-- but apparently, did nothing.

      If the Malaysians are to be believed, then their airspace has no real-time tracking capabilities. I find that very hard to believe.


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