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Has Multiculturalism in the West failed?

Updated on September 15, 2015

What was the Idea Behind Multiculturalism?

Multiculturalism is an experiment devised in the 1970's by those that weighed out the risk of racial tension but in the end, went with their instincts believing different people could live together. I think multiculturalism was the right thing to do; but, every decision has repercussions and the challenges and fruits of that decision (of multiculturalism) is being seen and felt today.

Can People from Different Backgrounds Get Along and Live Together?

No Muslim generation before us has witnessed mass economic migration on the scale seen in the 1960’s as we left our homes in the East in search of gold here in the West. Living amongst the non-Muslims we weathered the storm of the 1970’s building mosques and silencing the National Front that sought to harm. Up until now we have been offered equal citizenship in this foreign land that our parents called 'Bedesh' but we called home.

So can people from different backgrounds get along and live together? Yes and No so I don't really know for sure but I believe multiculturalism is something we must embrace; as mass migration of the 1960's - 1970's was an experiment which if considered a failure may lead to anarchy.

What is the Migrant Challenge?

The problem of our generation is one of an identity crisis with no clear leadership and no role-models as Muslims adjust to a new culture living here in the West. It would be a travesty to pass the problems of our generation onto the next because future generations will have challenges of their own and will one-day seek hope from their ancestors and ask 'what was the contribution of Muslims in the West?' The onus is on the current generation to provide the next generation with a sense of pride in our identity by defining Islam within a Western context.

The Challenge to Future Generations Living in the West

The next generation of Muslims will have a different set of problems to tackle; one such problem could be climate change and water shortages whereby wudu 5 times a day would become difficult and stigmatised and considered wasteful. If that time comes, then it would be the responsibility upon the next generation to find alternatives or solutions on matters that are troublesome and grey much like the problems of today.

A Thought of Optimism for the Next Generation

Yesterday *now* was the *Future* and tomorrow *now* will become the *Past*. Your ancestors thought of *now* thinking of their *Future* and it is their decisions that made your *now* what it is today. The decisions you make *now* will also change your *Future*.


Has Multiculturalism in the West Failed?

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      Big E 

      3 years ago

      In my opinion the best thing to be is a black male. Nobody will mess with you if you are black male. Black skin is like a bodyguard. I wish the white man would change his appearance to black. Real talk.


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