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President Obama signs Hate Crime Bill into law

Updated on August 29, 2015
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A View from a chair of peace, fairness and tranquility

View from a chair  peace and tranquility
View from a chair peace and tranquility

Crimes against gays, gender,and disabled now contained in Hate Crime Bill

President Obama signed the Hate Crime legislation that was passed by the Congress lthe end of October.  This bill will broaden the past Hate Crime bill that had not included crimes against, gays, gender, and disabled. This will extend protection to vulnerable populations who were somehow omitted in the first bill. GOP leaders were against this bill as they thought it was not fair to give credibility to what someone was thinking while they were committing a crime, or what they refer to as a "thought crime." But that what a hate crime is when certain people are singled out for the crime, Why not protect all of American people.

This bill was passed when added to the end of a Defense Authorization bill which the Republicans wanted to pass. This is the way Washington can work to the people's advantage, and it worked. So it makes it a felony offense to commit crimes against people due to their sexual orientation and disability.

Long time coming, another great thing Mr. Obama and our Democratic majority Congress has done. It is being deemed the best civil rights law for the gay community..Long time coming to include people with disabilities who deserve protection from people who single them out for crimes ranging from exploitation, theft, and stalking, where criminals use the fact that someone is disabled and victimizes them due to their vulnerability.

Another example of how our President is bringing everyone to the table, bringing everyone to have a voice. How can anyone be against that?

President signs hate crime legislation. For a nation of fairness.

Read about the President signing historical hate crime legislation. Once again America is a shining example of trying to do the right thing and outlawing what decades ago would have been legal.

No one can use hate speech nor do hate acts in America without getting into trouble with the law. This is what it will take to stop the haters.


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