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Hate Crimes Bill by Obama, now includes disabled and gays

Updated on April 13, 2016

Equality means Everyone

Equality means everyone

a view from a chair

A view from a chair
A view from a chair

Hate Crime legislation made into law, broadens definition

President Obama signs Hate Crime bill into law after the House and Senate. Bill will broaden the definition to include crimes against disabled, and crimes against people due to sexual orientation and gender bias. After years of frustration the House moves to try to the bill passed in spite of Republican stalling for years. This bill earlier this year was sponsored by Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley and the late Senator Edward Kennedy D-Mass. The Senate passed this important bill.October 24, 2009,although the Republicans were in disagreement with it, but it was tacked onto a Defense Appropriation bill by Democrats so ensure it passed.

Civil rights groups have tried in vain to pass this broadening Hate Crime bill since the late 90' Matt Shepard the 21 yr old student of University of Wyoming died when he was tortured and murdered by two men who targeted him due to his sexual orientation.. Two years ago another attempt again sponsored by Ted Kennedy and then Oregon Senator Gordon Smith failed after President Bush threatened to veto it.

It makes one wonder why the Republicans have fought so hard to defeat this bill, except in an attempt to deny rights to gays and even disabled people who are often victims of crimes, sought out for that crime on the basis that they are venerable and disabled or gay.

The United States must be the leader again, showing that there is no tolerance for people who commit crimes against populations of people who are protected by our country laws and Constitution. A hate crime is defined as those crimes carried out on the basis of race, color, religion or national origin, but currently makes no mention of crimes motivated by bias against sexual orientation or disability

The wise President Obama had already shown his support of this Hate Crime legislation and yesterday he signed it into law..

This Hate Crime bill will now include everyone, everyone deserves a voice, everyone needs to be heard.. Isn't that what makes American great, that we protect even the most vulnerable?

For more information on this bill go to my other hub titled President Obama passes Hate Crime Legislation into law.

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    • girlpower profile image

      girlpower 6 years ago from eugene oregon all i would ask is that you find it in your heart to love any person without measure, it's what Jesus would do,

    • Man from Modesto profile image

      Man from Modesto 6 years ago from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California)

      If you read the "hate crimes" bill, and if you observe world wide trends, you will find this: It is really just an attack on Christianity. Do you know that in Sweden, if you say anything negative about homosexuality, you can go to jail? This is illegal: "Homosexuality is forbidden by God." So is this: "Homosexuality and needle sharing by drug users has greatly contributed to the spread of disease."

      In Sweden, they are now eradicating use of gender terms like him/her, his/hers, he/she. Instead, generic words, "it" terms are being forced into place.

      This is all to do one thing: fight God. They want to destroy marriage & family. They want government to raise children. Then, they will not teach them about God. They will teach them evil things.