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Hate: Why is Some Accepted, While Other Forms Are Viewed as Unacceptable?

Updated on September 20, 2015

Hate, Who is it Good For? No one.

Hate, why do we love it?

Unless you are completely disconnected and off the grid, and kudos if you are, you are aware that there is a divide in this country and it is based on race. Every single day we hear stories of "bad white cops" harming or killing "poor little black criminals", but we never hear the stories of "bad white and/or black cops" harming or killing "poor little white criminals". Why is this? Ask yourself this, what sells better than sex? Hate! Hate will put the asses in the seats, it makes us salivate and beg for more. We seem to be a society of seethers that thrive on hatred. We love to hate, and hate to love for some sick reason. Instead of striving for peace, communication and understanding we strive to harm, kill and destroy. We are a society of individuals that are classically and operantly conditioned to hate and spread hate. We latch onto something, for instance white on black crime, and run with it. The media and even the US government show us these stories daily, and instead of asking ourselves, "well, why did the person resist?" or "why didn't the person just follow the law?", we jump to "damn the man" and "white people hate black people". This is insanity folks, we cannot do this! We have to wake up and realize that the media spins stories in order to make money and the hate they stir, the money they make. Have you ever asked yourself why you never see stories about black on black, black on white, or black and/or white cops killing white criminals?

These cases do exist.

Although there are several, even countless, cases of black cops killing white criminals, we are never shown these stories. If you want to read about these cases you have to dig but then they are sandwiched in-between cases of white on black crimes. Don't believe me? Let's do some research together. Go to Google and type in the search bar "black on white crime". The first things you see are images followed by the insanity that is Info Wars, please ignore these sites, do not let Alex Jones be the voice of a nation, please. Now keep reading, you see new DOJ statistics on race and violent crimes, after reading for a while you finally find a story: "Is This a Hate Crime: White Couple Gets Beat by Black Mob". You then see a video with what appears to be a black commentator commenting on the fights that are occurring. A group of black men are beating one white man, while a group of black women are beating one white woman ( There is no article, only a very short video followed by numerous ads. Ask yourself this, if the roles were reversed what would have happened? I'll tell you, outrage! This would be declared a hate crime, and insanity would ensue. Black on white crimes occur but they are hidden. Why is this form of hate acceptable, but if you even comment on a post regarding white on black crimes, you are considered a racist? Why is this acceptable? Yes, we have the "right" to voice our opinions and we all have varying opinions. You do not have to come at others with hate in your heart, especially if you call yourself a Christian. Okay, with that said; you might be asking "so where are these cases of cops killing white criminals?" Let's get to it then.

Cases of officers harming and/or killing white people (criminals or other).

In order to keep this blog post from becoming a novel, I will only share two cases. If you want more, do your own research.

Case #1: Zachary Hammond. This young man was 19 years old and on a date when he was shot and killed by police officers. Mr. Hammond was on a date, first date, with Tori Morton. The two were in a Hardees parking lot where it is reported that they were eating ice cream. What is known at this time is that there were undercover officers and a drug bust was made. Ms. Morton had 10 ounces of marijuana on her at the time, and two shots were fired and Mr. Hammond was killed. An officer on the scene says that Mr. Hammond was "attempting murder" because he was driving his car towards an officer so two shots were fired killing the teenager. Private autopsy reports are showing that the two shots entered Mr. Hammond's body from the back at close range, the second of which was fatal due to the fact that it entered the back of Mr. Hammond's left side an passed through his chest hitting his lungs and heart (Phillip. 2015).

Case #2: Ryan Keith Bolinger. Mr. Bolinger was 28 years old and according to police reports he was acting erratically and harassing officers. Mr. Bolinger pulled his car beside a police car blocking the officer's driver side door during a traffic stop. Mr. Bolinger then got out of his car and began to dance in the street before getting back into his vehicle and leaving the scene. This was followed by a 35 mile per hour low-speed police chase. Officers Vanessa Miller and Ian Lawler (who had been blocked in by Mr. Bolinger) were involved in the chase. It is reported that Miller stopped Mr. Bolinger when he attempted to do a u-turn. Mr. Bolinger then got out of his vehicle and "approached Miller's vehicle with purpose", so she shot him in the torso and he later died. Mr. Bolinger was unarmed (Wing. 2015).

So, did you hear about these cases, I'm assuming that you most likely did not. I bet you heard about Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, and all the other black criminals that died because of their behaviors and actions. As a matter of fact, I'm 100% sure you heard about these crimes because the media had a field day with them. So why are the deaths of these criminals seen as an outraged when white deaths are not?

Black Lives Matter...only black, so go away!

If you want the news, read the paper, check you mail, etc. you see on almost a daily basis that another black person was harmed or killed by an officer. Why is this behavior so important all of a sudden? Think about it? We know by statistics that black on black crime takes more black lives then cop on black or white on black. There is scientific evidence supporting this statement. So why now, why are we all of a sudden drowning in a sea of black hate? Because it sales and because it is a distraction. If we are busy focusing on these stories and fighting each other, we do not see what else is going on in the world and we hate each other for no reason. If you will, it is like the 'ole slight of hand parlor trick. "Look over here and see the hate, love it, don't pay attention to the man behind the curtain." If we continue to fight each other we can't change anything. We need to stand together in order to make positive change. We can't just say, "black lives matter" because all lives matter. All life matters. The truth is, if a criminal is shot and killed by a cop or if a person is harmed because they are resisting arrest, they get what is coming to them. We cannot expect to have maladaptive behaviors and not be punished for them. For instance, if your child intentionally breaks your television are you going to smile and say "it's okay" or are you going to punish your child?

Moment of pure honesty.

At this point, I feel that society is too far gone. I don't even know if talking about these things will change anything or not. I sometimes feel that I am banging my head against a brick wall because people do not listen. I mean no harm by my words, I like you, just want answers. I want sanity and this country is seriously lacking sanity right now. There is so much going on in the world around us and we are too self-involved to notice. Thousands, if not millions, of Syrian refugees are struggling and fighting for their lives because the US government caused a war in Syria and now these people are paying with their lives. But don't pay attention to that, look at all the bad white cops, the bad white people, hurting innocent black people. Pay attention to that, don't' pay attention to the man behind the curtain. Did you know that on August 9, 2014 when Michael Brown was shot that President Obama was in Iraq discussing the possibility of US military involvement? I bet not. Just realize that whenever something in the US happens that draws a lot of attention, like a cop killing a black person, something big is going on within the government. Just pay attention and please wake up.


"Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please." -- Mark Twain


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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      You may hate criminals, rapists, killers, terrorist for all the killings but you can't hate fir somone stabbing behind your back

    • MickeyBattle profile image

      Michelle Battle 2 years ago from Kingsley, MI

      Hi Sallie. To be honest, I have no doubt that the US government interjects themselves into these cases. At times it really seems like we are given the "ole slight of hand". Don't look over here at the truth, look over here and let your anger rule you. It is extremely unsettling what is going on not on in this country, but around the world. Maybe one day we will all realize that while our skin colors are different, we are all the same.

    • Sallie Mullinger profile image

      Sallie Mullinger 2 years ago from Ohio

      Dont forget that the narrative to push white cops killing blacks has been perpetuated by Barack Obama. And in fact, in almost all instances where a black has been involved, even when proven to be guilty, Obama has interjected his opinion etc into that case.

      When the president of the United States puts the considerable weight of his opinion behind something...especially a sensitive issue like race, expect division. The sort of division we are seeing in this country right now.