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Hating to Love, Loving to Hate: Is there a difference?

Updated on August 16, 2017

Passion. It's a word that describes an undying desire. To have passion is to love at all costs, at least that's what I think. I guess you can have a passion to hate as well. But there is the question; What's the difference? The difference to me is that to be passionate about something you love is a natural occurrence. You just love something. You have to actually try to hate something. There has to have been a problem in the past between you and that person, place or thing, for you to have such a hatred for them. Passions are often handed down from generation to generation. It could be a passion for a sports team, a musician, maybe a hobby. But when you pass down a passion of hate to the next generation without them knowing why they hate, you are burning the flag on the doorsteps of the White House. Whether you are on the right or on the left, straight or gay, black or white, rich or poor, you gotta let your kids decide. If our passions were always directed inward and not outward, we can somehow solve this social rubik's cube.

When I was a kid my teachers always talked about the United States as a melting pot. I was open-minded to the idea that we can meld together and all somehow come up with a common goal. It came to pass that as much as we pushed the melting pot idea, our country is more like a stew. We're all in the same pot, but nothing melts together, and people can still pick out the parts that they like. That would be fine as long as the carrots and potatoes got along, but sometimes they don't. Our freedoms are not granted to us to direct hurt on other people, They are to keep us safe and warm in our comfy beds at night. To the youngsters out there, if you can't remember why you dislike a certain group of people, you were probably trained to think that way as a young child, snap out of it. It is wrong! We can't continue to say "well that's what my family said was right." At least, not when it is wrong.

There are people out there who are asking if racism is back. It never left. It just redirects itself to different groups. It's so easy to distinguish someone just by their race, it's right there in front of you. But let's dig deeper. How about a republican? What type of person do you see? An atheist? What did you see that time? Ok, let's try one more, a black, hippie, lesbian, who is a republican, and works in a law firm (mostly doing pro-bono work). What did you see? Would you like that person? We don't know who we meet and who they are prior to interacting with them. I don't see how a person can say "Nope, I don't communicate with that half of the population." Sounds real simple-minded to me.

It is such a shame that we haven't really flushed out the hatred in our society by now. I mean, let's be honest, all it takes is for walls to come down and peace and harmony to reign. Sounds so easy doesn't it? As a young boy I was taught that I am the people around me. In my apartment complex growing up I was in the minority. And when I say "in" I mean in. I was part of them and they were a part of me. We were part of a neighborhood, which was also part of a city. That city was part of a state and that state part of this great nation. And so I was part of whatever I wanted to be a part of. And to this day, I am still a part of wherever I am.

So what am I saying here? Am I saying that I need you to love me, because I love you? No, you have every right to hate me no matter how I feel about you. But hate is not necessary. You can simply ignore me. Those extremists on the news, ignore them. All those that want to create boundaries to keep us all from living together, ignore all of them. Just love yourself and maybe you will find that the hatred that you felt wasn't something from inside, but something you were taught. We the people aren't leaving earth anytime soon so why are we wasting time worrying about who or what someone prays to? It shouldn't bother you if I am going to hell for not following a specific religious act that you do. Let's worry about that later, for now let's work on getting along with each other. It's like a thousand idiots trying to get through one door. Everybody be courteous, let every other one go and stampede averted.

We are taught in fairy tales that kindness and good will always win out. Do we love those movies so much because we don't get enough of it in our daily lives? Do we actually think that good winning out is a fairy tale? I sure hope not, because as far as I'm concerned, freedom to hate does not make for a good billboard to advertise the "American Dream".


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