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Having No 'Shame Box' And Being Hypocritical...

Updated on November 26, 2011

Having No 'Shame Box' and Being Hypocritical

There were times, as a boy growing up in Saint Kitts, when I did ‘something’ that my grandma deemed as wrong, which would compel her to ask me the rhetorical question, ‘did I have a ‘shame box.’ From grandma’s point of view, if I did have that internal, inherent moral compass (shame box) within me, I would not have engaged in the proscribed behaviors that vexed grandma. To grandma, among the proscribed behaviors included reading comics books, listening to secular movies, and my favorite, going to the movies - but those were the times that we were living in and Jesus only knows what grandma would have said about much of our mores today - talking about having no shame box… to many of us, it is not even there or considered when we interact among our brethrens.

As I said before in previous blogs that I am into criticizing those who reside in the Proverbial-Glass-Houses, including yours truly and speaking out about our collective behaviors and suggesting better ways of interacting among our brothers and sisters… it is the salient reason why I always try to use “We,” to underscore my critiques about what we do and deemed as detrimental to the whole. No such care is taken by many in the elite Media who think that many of its members can point their fingers and berate many of us for not having this shame box when theirs are nonexistent, much less within them, but in a dormant state. To that end, I am going to name names of those who in their respective critique vocations love to shout from the mountain tops, but should be Monk-like quiet.

Many of us are aware of Eliot Spitzer, the former governor of New York, who resigned due to his soliciting and using of call girls. Now, I know, many of us men have the Davidic Syndrome, which causes us to be selfish and seek what it is we have in abundance on the other side of the marital bed; but although Governor Spitzer was forced to resigned, one would not know it by listening to Spitzer’s prosecutorial critique, in his recent vocation as a CNN pundit, of those he disagrees with - no shame box. I have listened to Chris Mathews speaking on how President Bush, the younger, got ‘breaks’ because of his father… ok, but Mr. Mathews has children and I supposed that he has a lot of ‘juice’… are we to believe that he hasn’t made phone calls to secure positions for his children or that, if given the opportunity he would not? Case in point, at MSNBC, where Mr. Mathews works, also employs Luke Russert, son of the late Tim Russert… who was employed at MSNBC… notwithstanding the fact that Luke is good at what he does, are we to believe that there were no nepotism involved in Luke’s hire? No shame box.

Others in the “no shame box’ category include Al Sharpton, whose pious criticisms of those he disagree with, behaves as though our collective memories have been erased. We will hear about Newt Gingrich’s - who himself had tried to Impeach President Clinton for the latter’s prurient probing of Monica Lewinski with Cigars - infidelities by the Left and conveniently they will forget those alleged by President Clinton’s and JFK’s. I am a huge fan of Bill O’reilly, but there are times when I have to pause and wonder if Mr. O’reilly remembered when he too was once in ‘trouble’... after being accused of Sexual Harassment.

In that same vein, I recently watched David Letterman piously asking Herman Cain about Sexual harassment charges… apparently, we are supposed to engage in self Lobotomies to forget what Mr. Letterman was accused of a few years ago - no shame box. Incidentally, those who are Republicans and likewise are in the habit of playing the pious card must know that the actress, Piper Laurie, recently wrote in her memoirs that she had an affair with President Reagan, while he was married. By the way, I would also tell you about some of the ‘terrible’ things Verily Prime has done, but alas, that’s between myself and Jesus.


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