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What has happened since Hawaii push the Button? Where is the news followup?

Updated on January 20, 2018

What happened to the Hawaii False Alert that traumatize the entire state?

Why isn't there a congressional hearing by either party asking what happened in Hawaii.

The state of Hawaii owes the people that were in Hawaii on that Saturday a better answer than oops, someone just hit the wrong button at the end of shift. That someone didn't even get fired, and the question is why not?

  • The Hawaiian governor should be doing more that giving a simple apology.
  • Where are the "investigative" reporters for the main stream media?

I have seen the "phone" that was supposed to give the information about any emergency threats, and it doesn't look like it is dedicated to these emergencies.

The procedures that can be avoided simply by hitting a single button doesn't say professional, doesn't say trustworthy.

38 minutes

Why did it take 38 minutes to reverse what was an "accidental" tripping of the button. And do they already have the button programmed to say incoming ballistic missile and no other emergencies?

There is more here than meets the eye, or any reasonable explanation of what happened there.

Shouldn't congress get involved and go through the rest of the states and their emergency system, and having them coordinated nationally?

Is the main stream media too busy with Cheeseburgers that they don't have time to investigate, or at least report what is happening in the Hawaiian and Federal Government over this accidental button push.

The recent button oops in Hawaii

Last Saturday the fiftieth state in the United States had a panic that was like I imagine that occurred on December 7, 1941.

That event was the bombing of the Pacific Fleet anchored in Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. That event was not a Hawaiian caused problem unlike the event last Saturday. That problem was much like that on 911, when the federal government having the information of both of these attackers in their system, but the people at the top either not getting the information or ignoring the information.

The case of the Hawaiian Emergency Alert Button.

Hawaii is a blue state and as such, we have seen Blue Judges in that state decide of law suits that oppose the plans and goals of president Donald Trump.

  • These plans in the case of the Travel ban were enacted by Trump to protect the United States from Terrorists embedded in the six Middle Eastern countries.
  • The reason for the Travel ban was to give the US time to get a better vetting process on these immigrants.
  • These are war torn states, and they lacked the information to vet these immigrants.
  • Yet, even though National Security was at stake the liberal judges appointed by liberal in both Hawaii, and on the West Coast of the United States chose politics over National Security.
  • Fortunately, these political decisions were overruled by the Supreme Court.

Hawaiian National Emergency System FAILS

While the Anti Trump people and even those in congress have said that they worried about Donald Trump having the Nuclear Weapons button, the Hawaiian government pushed the button that panicked the state.

  • People were sent the information that there was a ballistic missile on its way and they had to get to shelter immediately.

The Pearl Harbor and 911 incidents had real threats to the people, but ironically they didn't have a real threat last Saturday. This makes it more like the The War of the Worlds American radio drama anthology series It was performed Sunday, October 30, 1938,as a Halloween episode of the series on and aired over the Columbia Broadcasting System radio network.

The comparison here between last Saturday and the 1938 War of the Wars scare is that there was no real threat. And in both cases, there was no emergency plans to cover it. This led people in all four of these situations on their own.

  • The Hawaiian Emergency System really had no plan other than to get to shelter. What is shelter against a ballistic missile that is coming to the Island?
  • Even if there was an Emergency plan, none seemed to exist.
  • Hawaii is a favorite spot for tourists, and how would the tourists know about the Hawaiian Emergency Plan even if one existed.

Blue State Hawaii versus Red White and Blue United States and President Trump

What we see here is that the Anti Trump Blue State kept warning us about Donald Trump from the time he ran in the primary and all through the election campaign. Then it continued after he won the election, and through the Inauguration.

  • It didn't stop there, it continued on and it is still ongoing today.

What the Anti Trump Blue State didn't warn you were the Emergency measures that are at the State Level and not the Federal Level.

  • President Trump has the country to take care of while the states have Governors to take care of the state.

In the case of Hawaii at least, that state failed with their Button.

  • That button caused a state wide panic.
  • The Governor of Hawaii said it was a mistake by a worker that the button was pushed when it shouldn't have been pushed.

And can you believe the Anti Trump people trying to blame President Trump for it.

  • Apparently they are trying to connect the problems with North Korea to this event. They even had aging has been celebrities, Tweeting their ill thought out blame on Trump.

President Trump has tried to keep the United States and its people safe, while he has been opposed by Anti Trumpers both civilians and those in government.

  • Maybe this will failure in Hawaii might get them to see the light on National Security, and Emergency Plans.

What is wrong with the Hawaiian Emergency Plan

Instead of what is wrong with the Hawaiian Emergency Plan the question to be asked should be What is Right about this plan.

The two things that are wrong for starters are

  1. The Button
  2. No real plan once the button is pushed


  • The first thing that is missing is what we have for using the button to launch missiles, especially nuclear missiles.
  • You have two people with two keys physically separated so one person cannot turn both keys at the same time.
  • And before you get to that stage, the protocol requires authentication.
  • That gives the details of why the missiles should be launched.
  • Hawaii apparently didn't have this or anything like this.
  • The proof is that one person pushed a button.
  • It could have also been able to be pushed by someone sitting on it.

The next and more disturbing part of this "accident" is that it took 38 minutes to cancel the Alert.

  • In an Emergency System, next after being able to alert the people of the emergency is the ability to undo a false signal.
  • 38 minutes was the expected lifetime of those poor dazed people running through the streets thinking they had only seconds to get to "shelter".
  • What is shelter for a ballistic missile, and how many people can fit into a sewer hole?

Apparently, there were no public announcements during the emergency, much less some public plan or postings in public places on what to do in such an emergency.

  • It would have been nice to have known before hand where the shelters are located.
  • You know like the Exits in a large hotel in case of fire.


What should be obvious from this "accident" in Hawaii is that we should not really listen to the Anti Trumpers when they try to foil the plan of the president Trump to protect the United States and its people from Terrorsts, Drug Cartels, Gun Runners, Human Traffickers, and unvetted illegal aliens.

California, Oregon and Washington

These three West Coast States need to learn from the Hawaii accident and not duplicate their failure.

While California is not an island, it is bounded by the Ocean and the Mountains, and more than half of the population of the state is in the southern part of the state.


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 2 months ago from Orange County California

      Today is January 28, 2018 and there has been little to no news followup on the most important scare in recent times. There should have been a proper investigation, the people that were scared witless on Hawaii need to get the truth. And the rest of the country should demand congress to investigate it.

      Especially, when the governor of Hawaii knew two minutes after the button was pushed that it was false. And his lame excuse why it took another thirty minutes to sound the all clear was that he forgot his Twitter account.

      Should Twitter ever be used for the all clear sound,NO?

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 3 months ago from Orange County California

      Where are the people that want to know every little thing about president Trump. How he eats,when he eats, what he eats, why isn't he sick etc.

      Yet, you and the same media that is fixated on everything Trump, doesn't care at all about this so called OOPs on the Ballistic Missile coming to Hawaii in a half hour. and it took 38 minutes for Hawaii to figure out they made an oops and send the all clear.

      Pushing the button is one thing, but how was the specific message attached to it. Out of all the messages that an emergency system may have to send, why this particular one?