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Heads Roll - Corrupt Roar. [ Come on Wealth.][Common Wealth Games ( - ) Wealth = Common Games left by Chairman of CWG

Updated on February 24, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Ha Ha Ha.....

You can't Catch the Big Fish.

In India whenever there is a scam the person who is responsible for the scam will be a politician or a bureaucrat and few are in the Judiciary also.The scam is the technical word for corruption.The word corruption has a ugly tag,so some one choose the word scam.The T V media invents fancy words when ever a scam occurs,the frequency depends on the activity of the body responsible to catch the corrupt.

A former Chief Minister of a state was caught with billions in cash in his home and that is a history now.

Another former Chief Minister was in lime light with Rs.100 Crore bribe but he managed to close it nipping it at the bud in all the buds that created the mess.

A Chief Justice was involved in a land deal for his relative or somebody by using his office which is against his contract for the job and he was just transferred to some corner of the country after a lot of commotion and emotion of corruption with boycotting of the Chief Justice in discharging his duties but nothing happened.He was transferred.

There was Gas Tragedy at a sleepy town where 20,000 people died over night and it took 25 years for our judicial system to punish the guilty and one person had died before they could lodge him in jail.The others are out on BAIL no sooner the judge told to send the guilty to jail.They are all big industrialists sleeping in their home as on date.

The Great Game Scam which is that getting ready in the nations capitol Delhi,The Common Wealth Games.Sure as the Game says common people made wealth by organizing the infrastructure and side by side they made money by renovating a old stadium which cost'ed so much that 5 stadiums could have been built, they even imported the toilet paper.The Treasurer Resigned,3 officers were suspended after the whole nation booed the Govt including our Parliamentarians,the Chairman said he won't quit,The Sports Minister told that the Finance Minister should look in to finance matter and he had other works to do.

What wrong did we do with our World No.2 Shooter who wants to keep away from the Common Wealth Games.[ He perhaps did not co-operate with Sports Ministry so he was refused National Title of our country "KHEL RATNA." for 3 times.]

Rs.92.000,000,00 is lying on the road in a bus on the highway as the bureaucrat who did not allow the cash to come in after 5.00 PM he refused to accept the cash as it had come after 5.00PM.If it was his money he would have turned the clock back.

The CEO of a giant IT organization was caught with cheating to the income tax dept and he is now in a 5 star cell of a jail.

Illegal mining of Iron ore is going out of our country including Pakistan and China but our Govt has no plans to take action as of now.Over 500 trucks pass from one state which has banned export at state level so its crossing over to another state from where it is exported.

A Minister of State at the center was asked to resign when he was found influencing some body he knew to bid on cricket sponsorship.

The CEO of the International cricket federation was found to have siphoned off Rs.400 crore in his personal account.He was suspended and inquiry is going on as to how he did it.

The smuggling of goods from a coastal district goes on with out interruption and govt goes on sending satellites to orbit around the moon to find out if water is there or not.

Fake Rs.1000 notes are coming from Pakistan but the govt wants to print only Rs.1000 notes which no ordinary man keeps.Bribe money is all in Rs.1000 notes only.Why can't they print Rs.1001 note and beat those Pakistani's.If they fake that also Print Rs.999 notes and call back all Rs.1000 & Rs.1001 notes.They can't do it as all the notes are bundled and kept in safe places or sent to tax free countries maintained by world political leaders.



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