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Health Care - A Reality Check

Updated on January 12, 2011

Health care has been a hot topic over the past couple of months. As I think back over time even during the Clinton Administration it only became an issue when politicians brought it to the forefront. No one I know of ever really complained. Even those who could not afford it were happy to walk into an emergency room for free.

The current bill adopted by congress is at best convoluted version of a stamped out toy from China with 15 pages of assembly instructions. No matter how many times you read the instructions the parts just don't fit together in a logical manner.

Very few people have taken the time to read the actual bill yet argue pro and con without first hand knowledge. The bill is not a easy read and is written in lawyer-ease with consistent referrals to sections throughout.

It actually took me a couple of weeks in my spare time to get through most of it. Here's a short list of the important points.

  • From my understanding of the bill is does seem that if you lose your current insurance your only option will be the single payer government plan. The bill only protects your choice of your current coverage.
  • The IRS and Social Security will have to share all our information and tax records increasing power and control to collect taxes and scale back Social Security payments.
  • The bill mentions nothing about abortion but it doesn't have to. Abortion is already legal and federal funds are used in certain cases. Abortion is a medical procedure and is sure to be absorbed into the system.
  • End of life services is in the bill and probably is there because most people use their health care at end of life more than at any other time. If one is at the end of their life, wouldn't their health care go on as usual? If so, then there is no reason to include end of life services. However, this gives the government a disclaimer because the politicians realize that health care provided by every country so far has run out of money and has access to limited funds. The are no exceptions. Government run health care is driving countries broke and are being forced to scale back services. Governments do not suffer from rationing, people do.
  • All your health care decisions will be make by one or more government bureaucrats who don't know you from Adam. It's in the bill.
  • There is no tort reform in the bill. On two occasions tort reform was introduce but shot down immediately. It is not surprising because many in congress take millions of dollars from lawyers and congress is trying to protect their own interest. Not yours!
  • There is no provision in the bill to allow health care providers to operate across state lines. For every state a health care provider wants to compete in, they are forced to set up and administer their services independently. The net result is increased costs to the consumer.
  • There is no requirement that politicians and bureaucrats are to be covered despite the the fact that is is targeted to "all Americans". It is obvious that our coverage is not going to be anywhere near as good as theirs. A forgone conclusion.

I have to agree that our health care is not perfect but it is better when compared to what people receive in other countries. But government is not the answer. As it stands not the current regulation on the books as increased costs for all of us.

Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are broke. Security payments will be scaled back. Government raped our so called “guaranteed benefits” and can't fix them. Government always underestimates costs (to get the regulations passed into law) then uses the money for other programs. Then government overspends.

This bill is not constitutional and is illegal. Health care issues are states issues and should be dealt with at that level. Not a federal issue.

There is not one program that you or I can mention that has been managed above board by politicians or bureaucrats. This is the number one reason why government run health care will fail miserably.

It's been a rough summer for the congress and since they've come back from summer vacation there are many back room meetings where politicians are conjuring way to make this more palatable. After all they want to get this bill passed ASAP.

Under these conditions thinking government can cure your fears and run your health care is a mental disorder. If this is you, you may be in dire need of Government Abuse Syndrome.

Sorry, that's not in the bill!


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    • Neil Sperling profile image

      Neil Sperling 8 years ago from Port Dover Ontario Canada

      Most do gooders and tree huggers fall under the category of not thinking for themselves. There is a path a mile wide in conspiracy theories that point to control, not to a better society. Good Hub!