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Health Care Denied to Children of Illegals

Updated on September 18, 2012

One step forward and one step backward from President Obama.

Back in June, Obama did the right thing by allowing kids of illegals to have a two reprieve from threat of deportation, if they met various guidelines. The bulk that do are Americans in every way but one, citizenship. They went to school here, lived with American culture, speak perfect English and call America, "home", even if the parents are from another country. True, they were not born here, but that is about the only thing not making them American.

What Obama did not tell these mostly under 30 group is that none of them, nada, are eligible for federal health care. This "little" thing was only revealed in August. Oops! Latinos are furious and fed up with Obama's pro and then con stance on the Hispanic population. On one hand, Obama tells them that they are "lawfully present" in the USA, but if they want medical coverage, they have to pay for it. They cannot receive Medicaid or Children's Health Insurance.


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