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Healthcare and The Socialism Taboo

Updated on June 19, 2016

I believe in free healthcare for everyone. Most of us here in America believe that having something that helps and assists everyone makes us socialist.

Let me inform anyone who believes this, no one or system over any amount of time could ever possibly turn this country socialist.

I don’t believe any country on this Earth is socialist. Even if the government or political system of a country did start a program something is being traded. The cost is being paid by citizens in labor, taxes, votes, or by some other means.


Save Lives vs. Make Profit

The excuse of us turning socialist because of free healthcare is used by many who are either uneducated or who seek profit rather than to help people and save lives.

Healthcare is a booming business. It will be around as long as there are countries in which people live. A lot of people get into this profession just to get paid a lot of money. There's nothing wrong with this. However, the lines often get muddy when money becomes the only incentive to be in this field. This usually involves pharmaceuticals. Patients tend to be the ones that suffer when money becomes the only reason we provide great healthcare to a patient.

Free healthcare takes capitalism off of healthcare, which places the focus back on getting the patient well. Free healthcare is the thing that can allow the control of pharmaceutical drugs because the federal government directly supports hospitals.

In America, the federal government has always supported all hospitals. This happens because of the use of Medicare and Medicaid. Without these two programs, no hospitals can run. Credit cards, insurance, and cash out-of-pocket cannot support a hospital.

Overall, in order to save lives we will have to take the monetary value of the capitalism structure off of healthcare. Otherwise, hospitals will always be ran like a business for-profit. And also, a socialism structure does not come from free healthcare in a capitalist society.

Last Note

The notion to throw away something that can benefit the ones who need it because of an idea that our system will turn socialist should not be popular.

Pushing away the practice of, patient first, because of the lack of money flowing from some patient's pockets or the flash of an insurance card should not be a popular idea

Socialism can't exist anywhere in the world today because of capitalism. The idea in the past, and in most people's minds today, is that it can, which needs to cease being used as an excuse not to provide excellent care and service in most medical institutions.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I found you through Mindee. I'm Canadian who has been linivg in the US for 11 years now (and will probably never leave because my husband is from here). I find myself missing Canada, especially when it comes to health care. But actually I kinda wish I could get the best of both worlds, because free shipping is amazing in the US

    • phion profile image


      6 years ago

      Look at the numbers. It's not for a select few. I think the number is in the 40% range of people receiving food stamps. I know food stamps are not heath care, but it is a large issue facing our deficit. As I said we could afford healthcare for all if the government allocated our taxes properly in this first place. What makes you think the federal government could implement something like universal healthcare if they can’t even make a balanced budget? We need to face the more troublesome issues of today, enough is on our plate. If free healthcare is what you believe to be the pressing matter of your day, then rock on. There are those sad cases that affect many families, when insurance companies leave someone behind. Universal healthcare won’t fix these natural tragedies that are as old as time.

    • phion profile image


      6 years ago

      There already is free health care. Does food stamps, welfare, and medicaid, not count? I don’t think any government can provide the Utopia you think this will bring. Have you seen the way the government has been running things? Let’s start to get real about the problems. Maybe we could afford free health care for all, but we’d have to cut the frivolous spending going on. Fraud, waste, and abuse run rampant in every sector of the government. They will not spend the money correctly, because they don’t have to be accountable. Tell the government to get out of the way, not beg it for more money. We don’t need a hand out, that’s not what makes anyone become the best they can be. We need jobs, not regulations.


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