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Hearing Dogs for the Deaf : Man's Best Friend Helps Again

Updated on August 13, 2017
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Andrew has been a creator on Hubpages for over 10 years. Greeting new users as a Hubpages Elite member and helping through the forums.

Hearing Dogs

Some deaf people live alone and some enjoy living normal lives out in the world. The problem with a deaf person in todays world is the inability to hear alerts. Things like car horns, doorbells, fire alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, and many other sounds we take for granted every single day. This is where hearing dogs come in. Hearing dogs for the Deaf help protect their masters by alerting them to sounds and danger both inside and outside the home. Without these dogs some deaf people wouldnt be able to live the lives they want, they would need constant supervision to be sure they get out when the alert goes off, or to even just take a walk down a city street.

Learn more about Hearing dogs and how they are trained!

Where can you find a Hearing Dog for the Deaf?

There are many places to get fully trained hearing dogs. Dogs have to go though a long 6 month training period to become dogs for the deaf. A few of the sites to check out for hearing dogs are: | Dogs for Deaf and Disabled Americans - NEADS was established in 1976 to train resucue and helping dogs. NEADS is the oldest continuing hearing dog program the country and the only program of its kind in New England, as well as one of the country's largest. | Dogs for the Deaf-Rescuing Dogs Enhancing Lives - Dogs for the Deaf is a great organization located at Central Point, OR. Rescuing homeless dogs and professionally training them to enhance lives is what Dogs for the Deaf is all about. In over 30 years, Dogs for the Deaf has rescued and placed over 3,000 dogs in homes. There main focus is hearing dogs but they offer other types of service dogs, including a new Autism dog program to train mostly larger breeds.

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People (United Kingdom Based out of Scotland) - This charity in Scotland is one of the best UK based hearing dog assistant programs out there.Hearing Dogs for Deaf People was launched at the world famous Crufts Dog Show in 1982. Since then we have continued to train dogs to alert deaf people to specific sounds, whether in the home, workplace or public buildings.To date we have placed more than 1,500 hearing dogs throughout England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands.

Hearing aid dogs can help their owners stay safe in busy, high traffic areas.
Hearing aid dogs can help their owners stay safe in busy, high traffic areas. | Source
These helpful friends come in all shapes, breeds, and sizes!
These helpful friends come in all shapes, breeds, and sizes! | Source

Hearing Dogs for the Deaf are still Dogs!

All hearing dogs for the deaf are still dogs and act like normal dogs. They give a lot of love and care and also need the same in return. Almost all breeds are able to be trained as hearing dogs and many are offered from the organizations above. Smaller breeds tend to be dominate, but there are quite a few medium breeds (Black Labs, Golden Retrievers) and some of the larger breeds (Rarely a Great Dane or Newfoundland.) So dont just think all hearing dogs are small breeds or large breeds, they come in all colors, shapes, personalities, and fur types!

Even though I work hard to help my human, I still enjoy holidays like Christmas!
Even though I work hard to help my human, I still enjoy holidays like Christmas! | Source

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