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Heaven Dew, anyone?

Updated on November 14, 2009



Water on the moon?  Who needs them?  It is nice to hear that the earth is not the only planet that has water in its surface but I will not speculate on that.  With this NASA discovery I can imagine another rush on the space enthusiasts to bank on another ambitious project.  Of course I’m not a scientist nor do I pretend to understand much regarding space exploration.  I only knew the moon exists to adorn the night sky and not much about why it existed in the first place.  With this new thing, it may pose more questions instead of answers.  In the news, it was discussed that this discovery may lead to the explanation of the origins of life.  To be honest, for me this is a futile attempt.  With all due respect to the learned who spent so much time, effort, money, and talents to gain knowledge about things in space.  But I find it rather disturbing when much needed money, talents and resources are being spent on research such as this when there are more pressing issues that needs funding and government attention.  For sure, NASA will be asking for increased funds for research.  Yes, we have sent man to the moon, we have conquered much of space, but did it really have any bearing on humanity?  Did it solve any human problem?  Why is our world seem to be getting worse instead of better.  I am not blaming that of course on any space project,  but if governments are willing to spend so much for a project that no one knows what benefit it may bring,  isn’t that a waste of scarce resources?  Why not spend the effort more on other much needed research about the environment, about new diseases, etc. instead of space explorations.  Aside from the pride of knowing there is water in the moon, or perhaps taking a sample of that water which may be different from what we know – will it be worth the effort and expense to do?

Water as we know supports life, so perhaps the moon can support life.  The idea alone will spark speculative business ventures and the like.  We have more than enough water on earth, we just need to study more how to use and conserve and re-cycle to sustain this resource.  There are much more things we need to know in the depths of our oceans, maybe it’s better if more concern is focused in this area.

Any honest person will admit that no one really can have a complete definition of life much less understand the complexities of it.  We are 6 billion plus earthlings today and we perhaps have as much as that figure of the definition/s of life.  There are different branches of study today that helps untangle the complexities of our society and yet these are not complete by themselves.  There is still other things not clearly covered nor expressly defined.  Again, we as people tend to complicate things instead of simplifying them.  The more complex the more scientific-sounding it becomes and maybe that’s the catch.  What I am saying is – we simply can’t explain life fully.  Why go to other planet to seek explanation/s of the origin of life, when maybe we already have enough proof at hand?  Maybe it’s plain too simple and not measurable by scientific means?

In my opinion, there is a God who created man.  I know there are lots of guys who dismiss that as nonsense!  I don’t blame you, but then believing God who designed all what we have including the origin of life, is a lot more rational to me than trying to explain all in measurable terms.  Well, yeah I am unsophisticated or even ignorant, but I do not have the same headaches as those trying to figure out the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ in this world, and therefore living a more fulfilled life with just the simple basics I possess. We can only live a number of years.  History attests how many scientists have tried and failed and still kept trying to explain or unearth the origins of life, most of those are dead bringing to their grave their un-answered quest.  Science can explain the mechanics how the human anatomy function, what it’s made of but so far nobody even can create something out of nothing.  Our man-made creations are derived from existing created things.  To the fact that we acknowledge that we are part of that creation – isn’t it logical to admit that there is a Creator?  Again, you may say – that is an issue of faith!  Of course it is, because we all have faith, but then again what is faith and where did it came from?  As one preacher said – if you have faith you don’t need proof, if you need proof you don’t have faith.  Faith is the evidence itself.  I know some folks struggle with that – that is faith too, only on another focus.

Unless you also might think that water from the moon may some day be brought to earth and may found to be with healing properties to the incurable ills we now have – then by all means support this space project.  You may as well find one day bottled water from the moon.  What will it be called – terrestrial water?  Space water? Or heaven dew? So then we will be re-defining the way we do business with bottled water; that we leave to the charlatans!


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