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Heir Of A Bahamian Suffragette

Updated on July 17, 2012
Leaders of the Women's Suffrage.
Leaders of the Women's Suffrage. | Source

They were daughters, wives, and mothers but in most cases no more than a possession to their husbands and fathers. Some brought property through marriage making their husband, rich or richer, keeping certain social norms and blood lines - pure. Marriages were, in most cases business contracts between two families.

Sometimes there was love but more often than not it was a contract for gain, usually for the man.

So the female gender was considered a second class citizen, if that, many a times her husband disregarded her as nothing more than a child when it came to political and social changes.

The Bahamas,

As this beautiful country celebrate's the 39th year of freedom from British rule, having gained Independence in 1973, they are also celebrating 50 years of the women's vote and the women who lead that movement.

Women, campaigned and were given the freedom to vote, lining up at the polls as soon as they could, it happened in 1961, some say with some restrictions. Then fully in 1964, all limitations were dropped.

Women's Suffrage movement

  • what is the women's suffrage movement, it was a political and social vehicle in which females in a society came together to strategize about how they would obtain the vote and or run for government positions. Where they would get laws put in place for this to happen.
  • why did women have to campaign for the vote,
  • what lead these women to the catalyst to push for the vote, Independence

The Women of Influence were ordinary, everyday women who would have gladly told others they were nothing special, but they were, because of their courage.

Fight for Independence was also a strong prodding point.

Visionary, future thinking, they did it for more than just the right to vote, or run for government positions, it involved a better way for their daughters to live and a freedom of choices. It also involved inheritance laws and legal things that affect a female. That she could be a free woman living without a man's influence.

Sacrifice, what they gave up, time, energy and talents. Not necessarily bad.

What they did, met, prayed and plotted their strategy.

How they got the vote, praying, talking and the upcoming thoughts of being an Independent nation!

The Christian connection

Ever notice wherever the Gospel of Christ Jesus goes women gain freedoms and rights to do and become more than a male dominated social network had previously allowed.

There are examples of women warriors, prophets, evangelists, judges etc in the Bible stories, which gave women the bravery to fight for legal rights, with the belief that God almighty supported their cause.

The women of influence:

Setting the foundation for the future of their country and their daughters, although they never disregarded the fact that it was beneficial to everyone in the communities in which all women would live, in their time and in the future.

My grandmother is one of these women that met, planned and influenced her generation and those up and coming about the rights of the female, and her contribution to the country. Apparently she was vocal among her friends and family, a community person who through her church and social involvement strived to secure the freedoms for her daughters, even though she had no intention of taking anything away from her sons.

They met at their houses, their churches for prayer, and in the streets.

Mrs Eugenia Wilson - Lockhart, "mama", a great woman of principal and character features on the front cover of the Bahamian telephone directory as one of the forerunners as a woman suffragette.

It is a legacy i do not take for granted and have reminded my son and daughter often enough, of how it means so much to the type of life they live and can have because of those incredible people that fought the greatest part of the battle for their sake.

Although a woman's battle has not been completely victorious, the women who have gone before have made all the battle's now, so much easier.

They are the foundation of great things!

And i for one am eternally grateful to the price they paid for me to live my life of choice!

The heir of a Bahamian Suffragette!


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