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Help Charity to help poor children

Updated on December 2, 2010

When a baby comes to this world Nobody knows about the baby’s future.If the baby is of a good family then his parents try their best to give all the advantages to that baby. But if the baby is of a poor family then what happen? All parents and babies are equal. Each and every parents love their child so much. But in a poor family it becomes quite hard to provide better support to a baby. They also want to give but they can not. In such case what is the guilt of that poor baby.Do we,members of a good and rich family have any responsibility towards these poor children? I think we have..

We can make three categories of all the people of this world. They are Rich, middle class and lowest class or poor class. The status of rich people is all time high then status of a middle class is good but we can not describe the situation of a poor family. Again in the poor countries and developing countries this situation is worst ever. If we see the condition of poverty then we can see-More than 21,000 children die everyday because of conditions of poverty. Then more than 600 million children lack enough shelter and 300 million have no health care.

The children of a poor family has to do work to support his family. We know about it. This is called as child labour. In this matter there is no way for the poor family. After working all the members of a family they can not live well.


But all the good people are not finished in this world. There are many charities for children. These charities are of different kinds. One and only target of these charities is to develop the condition of the poor children. They are working a lot for this purpose. Rich and good people are donating money to these charity and these charities are spending their money for the welfare of those poor children.

The imbalance between developed and developing nations should be addressed globally. All the nations are working to solve this problem. Politicians are taking steps for this matter. Besides them charities are also working to bring hope and support for the poor children. It is not possible to disappear the poverty but they are trying and it can be lessened.

These charities are working to develop the heath and and education situation of the poor children. Because most of the poor children suffers from malnutrition and many other diseases. Charities for children are taking various plans to provide good health support. They are organizing education environment for those children. So that they can be educated and can also give to the society in turn.

We have a responsibility to these poor children so we should help these charities for the purpose of developing the situation of those poor children. Poor children have nobody to help if we don’t. They are looking towards us. They are hoping help from us. To make a really civilized world we must make all the people educated and civilized. So we should come forward them and help them. If we, all the people works together then it is possible to develop the situation.


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