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Help Wanted Philosopher

Updated on May 9, 2017
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An author of Health Science & Immortalist Philosophy "How you live 1 day after forever", "Wakeup & Live The Future", Constitution of TPEE

No Tree Stands Alone

No Tree Stands Alone
No Tree Stands Alone | Source

Ask a Philosopher Column

For years I have scanned the help wanted classifieds for a job that asked for a “philosopher” . “Help Wanted Philosopher” never appeared anywhere I looked. After spending all that time and money going to college, writing philosophical dissertations, and printing eye catching business cards. Nothing. I was a bit discouraged to say the least. Maybe the problem was no one could spell philosopher, so then they did not advertise for one? I saw ads for pharmacists, chiropractors, physicians, and phlebotomists (I had to lookup the spelling of the last one). So spelling the word philosopher was not the problem.
So there I was and still am, saddled with a PhD after my name. I sold life insurance and burial plots for a few years waiting for someone to place an ad for a philosopher. Had the PhD proudly displayed after my name on my business cards. It did me little good in the business and my coworkers teased me by telling my customers it stood for “Post Hole Digger”. For all the good it was doing me, post hole digger probably was a better paying job than selling burial plots and insurance on a commission basis. At least someone needed post holes dug!
Nobody wanted to hear, see, or feel my philosophy. After all Aristotle had done for the science … no one seemed to want to pay for it. By definition Philosophy is Thinking, Thought, and Reasoning. You may also know it as Beliefs, Credo, Convictions, Ideology, Ideas, Notions, Theories, Doctrine, Tenets, Principles, Views, and Schools of Thought. In addition, political philosophy is where all of those “isms” come from. You know socialism, communism, corporatism, and nationalism, just to name a few. Also those social “isms” like racism, sexism, and pessimism.
Now who wouldn’t want to pay for some good old fashion thinking, thought, and reasoning. In my opinion this is valuable stuff to sell.

“Philosophy” everyone has some. Many share it for free everyday and do not realize they are giving it away without a PhD.
The truth is “philosophy” runs our lives. Good or flawed as it may be. So why not get it from a professional instead of some bumper sticker, politician or TV show. Now is your chance to get it from a professional for free. A doctor no less.

If I find it in my knowledge database I will answer it here at no charge. Here is a little tidbit of philosophy you may already know “There is no such thing as a free lunch”. So tell your friends and family to visit my column and spread the word.

Think About It

The Philosopher at Work
The Philosopher at Work

Some interesting things to know ...

1. What is conservatism?

2. Is it ethical to cheat on your taxes?

3. Is there a way to control world population?

4. Why is the U.S. a major arms supplier?

5. How do you take the money out of politics?

6. What constitutes a hate crime?

7. When does drinking become a problem?

8. Why isn't the wars going on today hardly ever on the nightly news?

9. What is the difference between a liberal and a progressive?

10. Is reality TV actually reality?

Ask a Philosopher Column for the people who just don’t get it

It is best to state your problem and what you think is going on. Based on your statement a philosopher can give you insight into what philosophy is at play. Sometimes the philosophy in play is flawed or spot on. Email your story or observation about what is going on in the world. Watch for a reply here at the HUB.


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