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Getting Schooled

Updated on September 6, 2011

First Day of School

My son is starting Kindergarten today, my wife and I were excited until today. We are a little out of shape and since we have had the past few days off at the same time, we have been working on our home and yard. To be quite honest, we look poor and uneducated. Turning our paperwork in on the first day of class, and not bringing our then sick son to "meet the teacher night" this past Monday did not help either. So we arrive at the school this afternoon to pick up our son only to be told that our son is on a bus because his teacher read his paperwork and assumed that it was wrong, called the transportation office instead of myself or my wife to find out if our son was riding the bus home. The transportation office was wrong, he is not riding the bus to and from school. So what has this taught me? Be proactive, ask questions, dont look like a bum. I also need to fill out the paperwork an send it in before the openhouse prior to school starting. We did make sure that medical and dental records are updated and that our son went and had a physical and a dental checkup well before school started. Be patient, especially when twenty-six year old teachers talk to you as if you are a child and uneducated. Double check everything, especially transportation arrangements, mistakes such as the one made today could have ended badly, call the transportation office after arrangements are made to verify that everything has been planned correctly. We were lucky and caught the bus before it left the school. The teacher should have called us and not the transportation office, which in her words indicated that arrangements were not made for bus transport, so the teacher made the decision for us. To sum things up, several things happened during the two times we have interacted with our son's new teacher. We did not have things ready as other parents did, causing the teacher to have a perception of us as being lazy. Since our appearance was not like the majority of the other parents, "cool clothes and skinny", we look like poor and simple folks. This was apparent when the teacher put my wife in her place by telling her what she "needed" to do, and then raising her voice and talking very quickly, after stepping into my wife's personal space. This caused my wife to not only say what she wanted to say, but to appologize and ask what she needed to do to prevent this from happening again. She assumed responsibility for the schools mistake and she went straight to the computer and wrote the letter in compliance with the teachers instruction.


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